Introducing Sportito: Manage your own football team, compete and win cash prizes

Manchester United boss José Mourinho is being criticized for losing 3 games in a row, everybody is losing their minds about it.

And his colleagues are criticizing him and it goes on until his next victory.

When all these are going on, have you ever thought you could have done a better job in managing your own football team and doing it better than Mourinho, Ranieri or Wenger?

If you ever wanted to make your own lineups for your favourite team and manage it the way you wanted, join Sportito and start drafting your own team to compete with hundreds of other players available.


Real cash prizes

Not only that! You can also win real cash prizes, when your points are higher than the other players in the contest.

There is no salary cap when you are choosing the players, allowing you to draft your fantasy team with no restrictions on the salary. You can choose the players from any football league to play on the contests available.

There are many contests available on top football league such as Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, La Liga and many more. And none of them are season long.

Contests on Sportito last a day or a week so there’s no season long commitment – allowing you to win cash prizes daily. And you can withdraw your winning immediately in a secure method.


Affordable entry fees

The contest entry fees on Sportito are little as £2 and there are also free entry contests available for you to master your skills before you spend any.

You can play Sportito on device, whenever and wherever you want.

Choosing the contests, choosing the players and managing them is all under your control. Sportito provides you the platform to play real fantasy football, unlike the many other traditional fantasy football providers.


A whole another level

Sportito takes traditional fantasy sports into a whole new level by making it more fun for the fantasy players and giving them a chances to win every day.

Signing up on Sportito is totally free and simple. So register today and prove yourself!


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