FIFA 17: Will the next FIFA installment include Story Mode?

FIFA 17 has raised a lot of fuss in the past few weeks. It became a google and twitter trend when top gaming companies linked it with 2k franchise’s NBA and WWE 2k games.

A reputed gaming portal, Attack of the Fanboy, posted an article of why they think that EA Sports will be adding Story Mode to their latest addition to FIFA games series.


Interesting listing

A solid evidence that leans towards the Story Mode addition to the game is that EA Sports has posted a vacancy listing. The post is for a Cinematic Designer whose credentials and qualifications should meet the ones that would be needed to develop a Story Mode in FIFA 17.

The Job Description reads as: “Cinematic Designers create story content (cameras and animation) in the dynamic world of a video game.

The Cinematic Designer has a background in film and animation and has an eye for quality story-telling. They know how to make a scene feel tense, triumphant, harrowing, etc., just by selecting the right angle and lens. They can recognize the subtle movements that make a character look realistic and believable and strive to capture that in the animation.

The Cinematic Designer can take a script and bring it to life while executing on the Cinematic and Narrative Director’s visions. They are familiar with the cinematic process from previs to polish.”


Amazing addition

Story Mode in FIFA games would be an amazing addition to the series. A proper showcase like in 2k games would mean a major boost to the EA Francize and the fans will have something completely new to play in the game.

This new addition could even overtake FIFA’s most played and most popular FIFA Ultimate Team. One thing is for sure, this mode will be played by tons because it would not take an internet connection to run like FUT does. However, there might be some drawbacks of this new mode.

Tons of new animations, graphics and video clips will be needed for the Story Mode to work properly. This means that the new game will be a ton more in size than the previous one. The current FIFA 16 game in 15 GB, but after FIFA 17 Story Mode we can expect a 20 GB plus game size.

Also, the playing platform should be equipped with high quality graphics and gaming cards to render the game smoothly.


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Written by Charchit Dahal

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