Broadcasting rights have to be adjusted to favour Celtic more


Everywhere in the world where football is played, the audience seems to be more thrilled by the teams that have more clout and tend to favour watching those teams. That is what is known. In Scotland, the broadcasting right has also been showing games involving big teams like Celtic and Rangers but the numbers are not adding up.

The Glasgow clubs are not enjoying as much TV appearance as they should base on their commercial power.

We understand that the gap between the rich and the poor has to be reduced anyhow the broadcasting agency have to do it but that still does not makes the clubs like Celtic which brings more revenue for the broadcasting agency not to get a global viewing that they deserve.

A case study is the system that has played out with BT Sports system of broadcasting matches. Despite 11 of their 16 matches shown live so far this season have involved Celtic or Rangers, the Hoops have not enjoyed a single home coverage so far from the television giant.

To go deeper, only four matches involving either Rangers or Celtic have been broadcasted from their home ground at Ibrox or Parkhead respectively and all four were on Sky Sport.

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The midweek matches some days ago were another case study. BT broadcasted Partick Thistle vs Celtic when Rangers vs Aberdeen, a much bigger game was not on TV. This invariably generates little or no money for the two big sides which raise the question, how do they pick the matches to be on TV?

Looking deeper shows that the agreement signed by the SPFL only allow four home matches to be on TV for a club. A club like Celtic that will play Rangers in both legs, and probably win the league means that they already have their fixed matches to be shown for the club.

Other matches involving them at home will not be live on TV. This have to change going forward and SPFL have to look at ways to penetrate into the broadcasting market very soon.