Celtic fans insult Chairman for involving in May’s gathering

Celtic fans have come all out to castigate their chairman, Ian Bankier for honoring to be part of a swanky Burns Supper. The supporters believed their top man should not be involved in such shenanigans at Downing Street. This according them is completely against everything the club represents and stands for.

The fans expressed their frustration on Twitter as they fired their club chief from all cylinder. All form of insults and abuses were rained on him for his horrendous act according to them. From him being “hunted” to another one used condescending words like “haggis, neeps & beamers all” at the plush London dinner.

Others used simple and straightforward points to hit at their senior man. They feel he should either resign or be sack. Dinning with the political elite in which had other top Scottish political personalities in attendance is one the fans don’t fancy at all.

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Ian Bankier have always had issues with some section of the fans and it doesn’t seem it’s going to end any time soon. He had insulted some of the fans as ‘criminally racist’ over the fans request to remove Ian Livingston when he was criticized for backing Conservative tax credit cuts in the past. This might just be another long battle between the fans and the businessman.

Meanwhile, Celtic have had to endure a consecutive champions league group stage exit and the top management have not highlighted how they tend to solve their constant abysmal performance in Europe.

Manager, Brendan Rodgers and chairman, Ian Bankier have shown little concern on how to improve the squad. No big name singing has joined the club this winter and doesn’t seem any will join. So parading yourself around the city with the political class would only angered the aggrieved fans more.