A Football Poem: Johan Cruyff – The Best By Far

The footballing world
has lost a star,
A brilliant player – the
best by far.
A Dutchman who was
a genius, and he was
so very skillful,
A fantastic talented
footballer – who was
so very mindful.

He dazzled on the
pitch and flirted with
the ball.
Every game he played
in – he always heard
the call.
He played like magic
and won great applause,
Thank god he was a
footballer – a career he
himself chose.

The footballing world
was fascinated by
his skills he showed,
Playing with flair and
passion – a gift he
was bestowed.
The national team of
Holland – was blessed
with such a player,
Thanks to Johan Cruyff,
he had a brilliant

He could play tricks
with the ball – and he
passed the ball with
He won a lot of fans –
they came to watch
him play.
Johan Cruyff was
their man – he really
made their day.

There were other
greats of the football
world, they graced
the field together.
Showing off their
talents – but Cruyff
was a little better.
A very proud Dutchman –
and he was a national
Winning many caps
for Holland – he did
right to flirt an ego!

God Bless you, Johan
Cruyff – you are now
in Heaven’s team.
Playing heavenly
football – it really is
a dream.
A legend of football
is what you are, and
The brilliant Johan
Cruyff – in heaven
you will now score.


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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