Neymar: Why the Brazilian’s sale is great for Barcelona

FC Barcelona’s sale of Neymar Jnr is historic in that it’s the largest sale of any player in the history of football.

And for one player, FC Barcelona pocket 222m euros. That’s gotta be good business for any football club.

Let’s examine this in greater detail for a moment.

Neymar Jnr plays as a deep lying striker or a false nine. He can also play on the wing.

He has terrific pace, skill and finishing ability so it’s clear he is a very, very good player. To be a famous Brazilian footballer you kind of have to be.

But the real value of Neymar lies in his marketability. Like I mentioned, the young striker is extremely well known globally.



In Brazil alone he is the most famous sportsperson by far. His Facebook page has over 60 million likes and he has nearly 31 million followers on twitter, only the likes of Messi and Ronaldo have more.

He was even in an episode of The Simpsons (where he got injured…shh!). So in terms of his commercial value, the player is worth every penny of the 222m.

Neymar is a global brand that sells shirts around the world. And the most important thing is his age. He is still only 25 so he still has a long career ahead of him.


Underwhelming stats?

Now lets analyse him as a player.

Neymar’s international stats are very good, he has scored 52 goals in 77 appearances for Brazil and counting.

But for Barcelona, in 5 seasons he only has a total of 68 goals for the Catalan giants. That’s 13 goals a season.

Granted he is known to provide many assists in games, but still – it’s not exactly staggering is it? With a very slight frame he also has had his share of injuries.

Nonetheless, Ronaldo and Messi would laugh at these numbers.


Why Barca were right to cash in

This is why Barcelona were right to sell him. They will lose out commercially, but they will receive an enormous fee for a striker who in playing terms alone is simply not worth that money.

Barcelona can now invest in the much-needed Nou Camp revamp, while comfortably replacing Neymar’s playing statistics in the transfer market. They have shown an interest in Coutinho; an excellent player who can easily fill the void left by the young prince.

The time was right for this sale.


Win-win for all involved

In fact, moving to Paris is the right deal for all parties concerned.

Although still not as good as Barcelona, Paris St Germain have quietly been building a team of Galacticos of their own with players like Edinson Cavani, Lucas Moura, Angel Di Maria and Marco Verratti.

Their ambition is clear; to win the UEFA Champions League. Now with Neymar on board too, they have more than an outsider’s chance.


More about the ambition than the money

Neymar Jnr himself said this move was not about money and more about personal ambition. It’s hard to argue with that.

He is already a very rich man and it’s clear he wants to follow his countrymen like Ronaldo and Rivaldo in winning the Ballon d’Or.

But to become the top dog in world football, it is always going to be difficult with Messi and Suarez on your team.


Future is bright for both clubs

At PSG, the team can be shaped around him in years to come. Remember, Ronaldo and Messi are now in their 30’s but Neymar is still only 25 years old.

The future is bright in Barcelona and possibly brighter in Paris.


Written by Nicholas Behan

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