Cristiano Ronaldo’s 4 Most Likely Destinations This Summer

The biggest news of the transfer window so far is undoubtedly that Ronaldo wants out of Real Madrid.

Since leaving Manchester United in 2008 he has devoured records quicker than I devour shrimp, which is pretty darn fast. But fresh on the back of the news that Ronaldo is under investigation for tax evasion he has apparently made an ‘irreversible’ decision to leave Real.

His decision is allegedly due to not feeling supported by his club.

At Madrid, Ronaldo has scored over 400 goals becoming their all-time top scorer and is fresh on the back of helping deliver back to back Champions League trophies whilst also winning La Liga for the first time since 2012.

It is safe to say that his legacy is secure. So if Ronaldo is to move on, what possibilities lie before him? Let’s take a look at some of his most likely destinations.



Paris is currently being touted as Ronaldo’s most likely destination.

They have lots of money and since Ibrahimovic left last summer they have been itching to spend it on a superstar. Rumours have abounded that they are trying to entice Neymar.

Younger and on an upward curve Neymar would be a better investment but make no mistake, if Ronaldo became a viable option, PSG would snap him up without hesitation. He would fit seamlessly into the team in his favoured position on the left wing, allowing Cavani to remain up top.

Furthermore, with Cavani having experience of playing second fiddle to Ibrahimovic, and with Ronaldo having played so well with Di Maria at Real Madrid previously, there is evidence to suggest the three could work well together up top.

PSG are also best placed to match Ronaldo’s ambition. Having signed a five-year deal in November 2016 Ronaldo claimed it would be his penultimate contract, which is as solid and foolproof as winning 20 free spins at BGO Casino.

He clearly has eyes on dominating for a few years yet with his obvious target being to offer up every possible argument in favour of him being a.) better than Messi and b.) the best ever. Doing that means competing in the Champions League and PSG have a team ready to challenge.

Indeed, Ronaldo is exactly the kind of player, and character, that could take them to the next level in the competition.

Domestically, the move makes sense too. It also almost doesn’t bare thinking about how many goals Ronaldo would score in the French league. 91? Let’s not get carried away.

And with newly elected President Emmanuel Macron talking about tax cuts, this could be the ideal move for Ronaldo in more ways than one.


Manchester United

If it is love that Ronaldo is looking for and let’s face it, it is, then he should look no further than Manchester.

Around Old Trafford Ronaldo is a demi-god, he is the father, the son and the holy spirit and is held in the absolute highest regard by fans alongside legends like Best, Cantona and Giggs.

Since Ronaldo left United have been unable to find a number 7 worthy of the shirt. What better solution than to bring him back? His shirt number is vacant as we speak.

United, like PSG, could afford Ronaldo without having to take out a payday loan the like of which might precipitate the next global financial crash. In fact, after so many years of sparse spending Manchester United seem to have found out they really like spending money.

And they like statement signings even more. Having tried and failed with a number of high profile targets in recent years such as Thiago, Fabregas, Kroos, Bale and most recently Griezmann, who better to sign than prodigal son Cristiano Ronaldo?

However, at United Ronaldo would find it much harder to hit the ground running. United are in the Champions League, but remain a work in progress.

Of course, with another summer behind him Mourinho might have the team challenging in the Premier League and in Europe, but at this stage it looks unlikely.

Ronaldo would of course be the main man at Old Trafford, especially with Ibrahimovic’s departure and Rooney continuing to morph quite seamlessly into a pub league player, but would that be enough for him?

As clearly motivated as Ronaldo is to win personal awards it is unlikely that he would choose a United team that struggles to score against Burnley at home when he is almost assured of 50 goals in France.

As much as Manchester United fans and English fans in general would love to have him back, if he were to return to Old Trafford it would be a case of heart over-head.

And Ronaldo looks like he has unfinished business, so don’t expect him back any time soon.


China or America

Ronaldo will move to America at some point, he already owns a house in Miami and you can just see him with an awful cameo in a Hollywood film. But there is absolutely no chance he will move to either America or China this summer.

Ronaldo is still firmly motivated towards making the absolute best argument he can to say that he is the best of his generation and of all time.

Moving to China or America would basically be Ronaldo saying ‘okay, I’ve done all I can do, it’s in the hands of history now’.

Is that something you can see him doing? Of course it isn’t.

He’s just won back to back Champions Leagues, the European Championships and is currently competing in the Confederations Cup.

Ronaldo wants more, a lot more than China or American could offer him. So don’t waste your energy thinking about it.


Stay at Real Madrid

There is of course the possibility that this is posturing from Ronaldo or the board or both of them.

He might be having a bit of an ego crisis or he might genuinely feel as if the club doesn’t have his back in the face of these tax evasion allegations.

It may be that Florentino Perez isn’t in the mood to panda to Ronaldo and is prepared to call his bluff this time, safe in the knowledge that he’ll blow whatever he gets for Ronaldo on Mbappe and Donnarumma.

It may also be the case that, after the dust has settled from the initial shock of these allegations, both Ronaldo and Real will realise they are perfectly suited to each other and that the best thing to do would be to leave things exactly how they are.

Any move reduces the chances of Ronaldo winning the Ballon d’Or because he will need to settle in and right now, no team is better than Real and the general rule of thumb is that if you’re the best player on the best team in the world, then you’re the best player in the world.

Also, from Real’s perspective, their chances of winning titles are reduced by Ronaldo leaving. They’re still good, but not as good. So don’t be at all surprised if Ronaldo stays exactly where he is for a few years yet.

If he is going to move though, which he isn’t, he’ll go to PSG. You heard it here first.


Written by Scott Pope

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