Jose Mourinho: Why the Special One is the Greatest Manager in the World

No other manager would have wrestled the title away from the Nou Camp with such excellence. No other manager would have risen from a 5-0 defeat in the hands of your greatest adversaries to win the Copa Del Rey against the same rival team.

Jose Mourinho is a man of many parts, but one that cannot be given – if not – earned, are DISCIPLINE and an INSATIABLE HUNGER FOR UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. The ‘only one’ as he is affectionately/annoyingly called now is blessed with the aforementioned.

From Portugal to England to Italy to Spain, Jose Mourinho has won just about everything. He accepts any challenge whatsoever and takes pleasure and pride in shattering any record that has for long seemed unattainable/unblemished. It is not as if he does it effortlessly, but he achieves honours gracefully and ruthlessly.

My assertion that he is the best coach in the universe might be dismissed by many, but a few would agree with me nonetheless. The Portuguese tactician is no respecter of anyone no matter what status you hold or position you occupy. All he is driven by is the will and ability to succeed at all times. That makes a great manager.

Who would have the temerity to push out a club’s greatest ever player (possibly) and highest ever goalscorer (RAUL BLANCO) on arrival? Who would engage in a power tussle with a club legend and former manager (Jorge Valdano) and come out victorious? What manner of man would manage a club strictly on his own terms in this present day and age?

The answer to all these question is the man we are currently discussing about, JOSE MOURINHO. The treble winning former Inter Milan boss embodies absolute success and willpower. His decisions are without sentiments and he bares his mind whenever he can and most times, he is on point.

A couple of weeks ago, Mourinho sprang an early Christmas surprise by starting Real Madrid’s NO 2 Goalkeeper, Antonio Adan in place of SPAIN AND REAL MADRID CAPTAIN, NUMBER ONE GOALIE and Legend, Iker Casillas in the match against Malaga at the Rosaleda which the ‘whites’ lost. It sparked a furore all over the world as it was the first time in well over 10 years that Iker the SAINT had failed to be in the Blancos starting line-up.

However, Jose was unfazed by the high level of criticism(s) levelled at him. He had made his decision and whatever the public felt meant absolutely nothing to him. After all, they weren’t in the know concerning events at the Valdebebas (Madrid’s training facility). What happened after that was expected as former players, pundits, teammates of Iker, etc aired their views regarding the situation.

The general consensus was that there was a great deal of friction between Mourinho and his players, especially Iker and Sergio Ramos who he had earlier benched this season in a crucial CL tie v Manchester City (Raphael Varane took his place in the starting 11). Some were also of the opinion that Jose was infuriated by Iker’s constant backing of fellow Spaniards (Barcelona players) instead of the Merengues for whom he owes his exceptional career to date.

In that light, Iker feels as skipper of the National Team, his duty is to promote unity and togetherness and I agree with him. But the decision to start Adan rather than THE GREAT Iker had very little to do with the animosity that exists between Coach and Captain. It is Casillas’ form that has dwindled in recent weeks and the Portuguese manager felt he needed a break. No one is a believer of that school of thought.

Only a handful of managers would have had the boldness to take such an important step and Mourinho is the esteemed Leader of the lot. Not afraid to strike when it matters, the tactically astute managerial genius has proved countless number of times why he remains one of the greatest managers to grace the world of football with his spot-on decisions and marvelous decisiveness.

He may be a massive 18 points behind Barcelona, but his impact at the Bernabeu is something that might never be replicated. That discipline and exemplary show of mental strength he consistently shows are unique attributes of GREAT MANAGERS and his greatness is assured.


Written by Ohireime Eboreime

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