Abou Diaby: Time for Wenger to let him go

My heart was torn into pieces after the official Sky Sports page tweeted, “Diaby ruled out for the rest of the season after sustaining cruciate ligament injury in training.”

Just a few months back, Wenger had some positive words for Diaby :

“I faced exactly the same questions with (Robin) van Persie and for a while everybody thought Van Persie will never play a season, but last year he played 55 games “

“They can get over this cycle, but you always have a little fear that another injury can come in “

“We had that for a long time with Van Persie and suddenly he got over it and I hope Diaby is over it now as well.”

That’s 38 injuries in 5 years. For a top notch player that is proper frustrating; talk less of the fans who have solemnly been behind him through his never-ending injuries.

I for once have never doubted Diaby’s potential despite his frequent injuries, he is the sort of guy you want in your team ; a box to box type of player, mostly described by the press as “languid, elusive, and athletic”. He also possesses attractive dribbling abilities that can be frustrating at times, but it is always fun to watch nevertheless.

Despite all his fantastic abilities, his worrisome injuries have played a negative part on his time at Arsenal where he has appeared in only 16 occasions this season.

After watching his fair performance against Swansea, I found myself accepting his future with the Gunners is still very bright and if (only) he could stay fit, he would continue to improve everyday and overruling the idea getting a replacement anytime soon. But after getting this abhorrent update on his injury which has ruled him out of action for almost a year, I have finally accepted it is all but over for Diaby at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger now needs to find a replacement for Diaby. I can understand his frustrations after sticking and encouraging Abou through his hard times, but it’s the duty of the manager to take necessary actions for the better of the team – he is paid to do that. The lad is out for close to a year and expecting Arsenal to stick and wait for another miraculous comeback is utter foolishness, especially for a big club like the Gunners.

Deadwood, underrated and injury prone players at Arsenal all need to move on this summer. I don’t care how Arsenal fans would take this but I would tag Abou Diaby under “Injury prone and Deadwood”. Wenger has been patient enough and I respect that so much. Not every manager in the Premier League would have supported Diaby for that long , just like in the case of Ferguson and Owen Hargreaves.

Diaby was given enough time to recuperate from his unfortunate injuries, not forgetting the backing of the staffs and the fans. But now enough is enough. It didn’t materialize. The club has tried and they can only wish the best for him with his recovery.

If Abou finally pulls through from this horrible long term injury, releasing him is the most logical idea to embark on. Players come and go. It’s time to move on. Goodbye Diaby.


Written by @femi4arsenal

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