Arsenal: A Personal Letter to RVP

Taken from Ministry of Soccer

Dear RVP,

First, I would like to congratulate you on your remarkable achievement last season, Not only did you finish unscratched, you carted away numerous individual awards, broke several club and EPL records; a feat that will go down in Arsenal history books…
You brought harmony, peace and respect to the squad on and off the pitch. Big man, big responsibility.

You handled it very well, even much more than I expected. *Tilts hat*

As an Arsenal supporter, I have seen many great players and I have to confess, you are a bottomless pit of creativity with “genius” written all over you,
But, on the 4th of July 2012, you dropped the bomb shell that turned Arsenal into turmoil. You released a statement declaring your intention not to ink the papers… Who am I to tell you what to do? But I know one thing for certain, ARSENAL it was, ARSENAL it is and ARSENAL it will be

Many people have criticized us for lacking ambition. That I might not dispute, but we are still the quickest out of the block this season, with the capture of Lukas Podolski and Oliver Giroud + Arteta, Per, Wilshere, Song, Szczesny, Koscielny, Vermaelen et al. I believe that is a step in the right direction, proven all-round strikers to tow a truck-size burden off you.

Despite being one step behind, we still manage to qualify for Europe at the expense of Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea (only qualified as champions).

You have been at the club for 8years, I can only say I have seen you on the pitch for only two seasons. In these two seasons you were absolute class, scoring spectacular goals. The remaining 6 years were enshrouded with injuries, injuries and more injuries that ultimately earned you the nickname, “The Man of Glass”. 

During this troubled times, when a section of the fans wanted you out, guess who was there? ARSENE WENGER! If he had sold your sorry a**, you would have been doing an AQUILANI now. 

As much as I will love to credit last season to your brilliance, I believe there a certain word called “TEAMWORK”. It wasn’t just team work, It was Arsenal players playing as a family… The bond and togetherness was so strong, your team mates would have sacrificed (anything) for you. 

Rewind ARSENAL vs WIGAN (4-0 at Wigan) Theo Walcott had the chance to be on the score sheet, he chose to delay the ball, and square for you to score. 

Everyone wanted you to be successful. I look at Rooney and Nani, I wonder how many times I’ve seen them have a go at each other. That bond between players is what money cannot buy. They said you made the perfect runs for the likes of Song to pick you out? What happened at the Euros, you needed mobile phones to communicate with Robben and Sneijder?? 

Now your ambition has grown bigger than that of the club in one brilliant season? Where was the ambition when you were sent packing in Holland, where was it when Arsenal catered for your rehab, where was the ambition when you received cash for years for work undone? Time to reap the faith Arsenal F.C showed in you, your ambition suddenly grew wings?

I really don’t blame you, but Wenger. That his persistent trust in players (Flamini, Nasri,Clichy) that turns around and spits on his face.. Hence, any player with two years left on his contract and refuses to sign shall be benched or sold. 

Enough of the fu*kery from ingrates. Ginafranco Zola was one of the most talented players the EPL has ever seen, what did he achieve with Chelsea? But his name will forever remain UP there.

Finally I will like to thank you for the good times, the amazing goals (I’ve lost count), the get-out-of-jail free cards (I’ve also lost count). I wish you well in your career,all in the best at your next club. 

Go win trophies mate. When you eventually leave do me a favour, forget everything Arsenal and please do not talk about us.

Like a friend of mine said:

@DizGabriella_: The small badge in front will always be bigger than the name tag at the back. Bye RVP



A Nigerian Gunner! 

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  1. Aboubakar

    July 6, 2012 at 21:28

    Perfect! Thats who true gooners should be thinking ryt now, after spending 2/3 arsenal career thro injuries and we had stand by him and now he sees arsenal luck ambition? Let him out b4 he spoils the others mates. Nice ever blog i ever read about R. I. P(rvp) saga

  2. Anonymous

    July 6, 2012 at 21:54

    Cheers Dude … so true … no to forget the “allegations” against him, Wenger was like a father to him, showed him so much support…..

    “Chim Chimmeny, Chim Chimmeny, Chim, Chim, Cheroo, Who need Van Persie when we've got Giroud!”

  3. Anonymous

    July 6, 2012 at 22:59

    Stephen Gerald and frank lampard are all loyal to there clubs.. but do you think they would have been that loyal had it been that they have stood for over seven years without any kind of trophies in their belt.
    How many trophies had lampard won with Chelsea in the last seven years, Gerald have a champions league medal and a caring cup. let me honest..Wenger is a shameless idiot and a failure he better turn to french national team and breed and nurture players 4 them.

    • The Don

      July 7, 2012 at 06:49

      Mr,u are definition of these word,”Idiot” “Ignorant” “Stupid” “Nincompoop” and “asshole”! Yes I said it! How can ur ignorant ass come here to insult wenger? Do ur stupid ass also knw that lampard and gerald u mentioned did won those trophies for their clubs and they also stayed fit? Do u ignorant asss also knw that RVP is being paid to win those trophies? Or do ur chaff brain tells u that is wenger who will enter the field to play and will the trophies for rvp? U coming in here to insult the 2nd most successful manager in the history of EPL and the most successful manger in arsenal history summed it up how stuupiid u are! Did lampard and gerald stay in surgery rooms for straight 7 yrs and be collecting salaries for not playing just like rvp? Please next time u wanna show ur act of ignorance and stupidity,do us a favor and take it to ur village! Olodo.

  4. Anonymous

    July 7, 2012 at 01:36

    I say screw loyalty!

    Its time that we stop wasting time and energy nurturing and caring for players who are constantly injured or having a hard time because in the end they all stab you in the back!

    Sell robin, sell diaby, sell gibbs….all these guys sell them! Its time that we become just as ruthless and heartless as some of these players! I’m not even waiting for them to make the first move!

    Take back the power!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    July 7, 2012 at 03:43

    Sell rvp and forget him, let talk another thing, what came to my mind is that not until we sell those old player we got in the team, we cannot succeed, and it remains rvp and diaby, please let them out of the club before they ruin the brighter future that we have.

  6. Oluwole

    July 7, 2012 at 07:42

    I read the write-up with tears in my eyes cuz i pity a club a man who stood on his ground for a player and latter be betrayed by thesame playey but he will regret leaving arsenal.up gunners.

  7. Feyisayo Aregbesola

    July 7, 2012 at 13:01

    Dont cry for RVP, let him go and i belive Arsenal will learn from his departure. TW14? i dont care about him either, OAC is waiting to take his position even though he is got now pace like him. When FB4 left many thought we were dead but we came out stronger. Please tell MR wenger to show some commitment too and all these SH*T will stop

  8. Anonymous

    July 7, 2012 at 13:11

    What a fantastic post!!! Hope he does read this.

  9. lukman

    July 7, 2012 at 14:29

    hmmmm!' am reading dis post wit tears in my face, pls dnt let rvp issue bring argument btwn ourself dat will led 2 insulting ourselvs, leave him alone, let him go. All i knw is dat d badge on d front will always b bigger dan d name on d back. I remain GUNNER 4 LYF here in o.a.u ife.

  10. solomon mukiibi

    July 10, 2012 at 01:57

    It was clear as day rvp was going, and it’s clear as day the reason arsenal appears to luck ambition is because of the greedy tools in the boardroom. We all know its downhill for RVP from here, he knows it too he is 29. He wants to win and now. Arsenal let’s face it can't guarantee him that. This club is run like an NBA team on one hand, (raising young talent etc…) and as a feeder club on the other (selling them off as they peek).I for one aren't mad at RVP, I understand where he is coming from. Our midfield for example is hanging on a certain jack wilshere who is coming back from a year out, and isn't back until September. Granted arteta-wilshere-song looks good, but can they take u to the champion’s league finals? I’m not mad at wenger either; he is in a tough spot. He has to try and keep the players, fans and shareholders happy. No prizes for guessing who he is going to be on top of his list. These shareholders are just taking and taking while putting absolutely nothing in the club. On top of that raising ticket prices to boot. We can praise Walcott and song's assits all we want the fact is RVP carried us to third place we can’t deny that. All he wanted in return is the same thing we arsenal fans cry for every summer; add some strength here and there so we can seriously challenge again. We are just two quality players short in my view, in midfield and defensive positions. And were we to get them, RVP could well sign and even if he didn't, I believe Giroud was signed to do what RVP did last season, score buckets of goals which he is capable of. Unfortunately every summer we are disappointed by our club's transfer policy. To sum it up, as soon as we got Giroud, it became evident RVP's refusal was being expected by le-boss. I wish RVP the best and all the medals he is looking for but if we are to meet his new wage payers in a final somewhere, well then I hope Karma will truly be a bitch.
    Come on Arsenal

  11. Harbdullai

    July 10, 2012 at 18:40

    I think he has seen it all with arsenal, as much as it might sound rude for him to say he wants fresh air, i still think we should just wish him well in his career.