Arsenal: The Detailed History of the Club’s Classic and Retro Jerseys

While in the year of 1886, the Arsenal Club became functional, who knew that this will be considered as one of the most demanded clubs. And also amongst the topped ones in the history of soccer.

When the Dial Square FC (Arsenal Club’s initial name) was in its baby stage, the tiny group of the Nottingham Forest players i.e. Fred Beardsley, Bill Parr and Charlie Bates brought their red kit with them, which was pretty old to play with. But they somehow managed with it.

Because it was still taking its baby steps, so the Dial Square FC decided to figure out the inexpensive way to get its Jerseys. So what they did was to design the team jerseys in the same manner as compared to that of the ex-Forest players.

The kit was designed with a dark red shirt and long sleeves with a collar and 3 buttons running down on the front. The shirt that was so designed that consisted of white knee-length shorts along with the heavy woolen socks. This was combined with the blue and white hoops.

The goalkeeper is supposed to wear the same attire sans the shirt. The shirt was a woolen polo neck jumper which is a hand knitted and is a cream color.

Now when you have known about the nascency of the Club, let us have a look at which strips made the cut!!


1969 – 1977

The simplicity in its design is their strongest point. Blue Cuffs, Blue Shorts, Yellow Socks and a Blue round-shaped collar along with a small yet strong cannon.

It was worn for 8 years and the moment that strikes to all is the famous and cherished moment: 1971 FA Cup Final. While it had already secured the win over Tottenham, it completed the double when it beat Liverpool at Wembley as well.

If you remember the nostalgic scene of Charlie George lying on the turf of Wembley, after scoring the winning goal… Well, this has become one of the most remembered moments in soccer history.


1978 – 1981

While Arsenal was narrowly losing the top spot, it sported the classic away strip for almost 4 years, without a specific logo.

The sports kit was too perfect to wear. According to the combination, the yellow and blue were made bold without any garnishing.

For the 1970s, the team at Arsenal also designed a big and wide collar with V-neck incorporated. So you can grab your favorite sports accessories from sportsdirect like the Jerseys and lot more from the stores like Debenhams, etc.

While Manchester United was struggling till the 86th minute, it was able to score the same number of goals as well. In the last segment of the match. It ultimately headed for a replay.

However, Alan Sunderland scored for the Arsenal to save it from the deathly hallows.


1991 – 1993

This kit that is best termed as “unforgettable” is known to some as the “Bruised Banana” and for others as the “Tire Track Shirt.”

The kit was worn by the Arsenal team between 1991 and 1993.

While the kit was first released, it was greeted by madness, but now after 20 years, it has built up a significant fan base.


1997 – 1999

Modeled by Gilles Grimandi, this was the very first away strip that Nike had produced for Arsenal.

They designed 2 blue kits for Arsenal in the mid-’90s, one of that was a very plain affair. The other was an insane design having two lightning bolts down the side of the shirt.

This shirt’s epic moment came in March 1998, when it was worn in a historic victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The win was the part of a famous run of the victories that went on for Arsenal to clinch the first title in next seven years down the line.


2008 – 2016

Arsenal switched to Puma from Nike after the deal that had lasted 20 years got demolished.

And while the nascent Arsenal Kits were not the best, but after the arrival of the US giants Nike, the Arsenal Kits became instant classics.

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