Arsenal: Placing the Gunners’ current situation in context

The enemies of Arsenal Football Club are in full cry once more, attempting to de-stabilise the sound foundations for future prosperity. They even go as far as to call for Arsene Wenger to be replaced. This is laughable to anyone who has even a semblance of football knowledge.

There is currently no manager anywhere near the quality of Wenger anywhere in the world. If short-sighted Arsenal fans think that someone is going to come in and wave a magic wand and produce trophies, they are highly mistaken. This point is clearly illustrated by so called super clubs that change the manager at the slightest whim or fancy. Real Madrid and Chelsea employed so called managers that they believed could bring them success yet these clubs have created a revolving door of managers. It all looks well in theory but the true Arsenal fans who have become detractors of Arsene Wenger will sorely rue the day he leaves and Arsenal are in mid-table mediocrity.

Some even speak of David Moyes as a replacement. It is ludicrous. He has spent some money at Everton over a long period of time (being the third longest serving manager in the premier league) but they have never been highly competitive like Wenger’s teams have been for the past 16 years. In fact, Everton only just avoided relegation a few years ago under the same manager.

Change for the sake of change must be treated with caution and if this happens at Arsenal, it would be like pressing the “self-destruct” button. Some fans are glory hunters who need a serious reality check. Of course many people would be happy to see the back of Wenger because they know that using the current model, no one would ever be as competitive as Wenger has kept Arsenal.

The proof of Wenger’s value is the fact that if he leaves Arsenal, other clubs, including the likes of PSG and Real Madrid would be queuing up to acquire his services, some having already enquired about his availability. Those clubs are run by intelligent people not fickle football fans.  The club is still competitive under Wenger with top four status guaranteed. Don’t forget that many Tottenham fans and fans from rival clubs, pretending to be Arsenal fans write drivel about needing a change of manager so they can change the mood at the club. It is a clear case of sheer jealousy. This is illustrated by the number of Tottenham managers who Wenger has seen the back of during his tenure.

There are only two meaningful trophies to play for and it makes logical sense that only two clubs, can win these trophies. At the moment, Arsenal are getting there without breaking the bank. Do fans want an unsustainable model that brings one or two quick trophies followed by financial ruin? The case in point is Portsmouth who have only one FA Cup to show for financial ruin. Once you bring in players on ridiculous wages, then you invite unsustainable debt.

The media of Arsenal bashers are having a field day by stating that even Alex Ferguson would not have lasted eight years without a trophy. The point is, Ferguson spends around £18 million per player, with two top earners getting in excess of £200,000 per week so he is running a high stakes operation. The same applies to the managers of many high profile clubs that have been given the sack.

Arsene Wenger competed in a much more level playing field a few years ago before money madness entered in the form of the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea and he has a proven track record. There are players who have been taken by City because of money and there are players at Chelsea who would have joined Arsenal were it not for money madness. Where Wenger leads, others followed. From revolutionary diets for players to taking Arsenal into the future through the building of a world class stadium, he has done it all.

To put what Wenger has achieved in context, you need to look at Tottenham. They are striving for the Arsenal model yet it is a known fact that they also pay ridiculous transfer fees but balance this with lower wages. However, be that as it may, they are unsuccessful when compared to what Arsene Wenger has achieved on a similar model over a period of 16 years. Even United have not qualified for the knock-out stages of the Champions League every single season.

Just because Arsenal lost for the first time under Wenger to a team from the Championship, the media portray a crisis at the Emirates. Cunning opponents of the club who have some football knowledge can see that Wenger is on the verge of assembling another great team without breaking the bank. The Blackburn game was a one off. Having been at the game, it is hard to understand how victory eluded us. These things do happen periodically, even to the best.

Long may Arsene Wenger remain at Arsenal because he could have done the same as some of the players and left since he has had many big offers from other great clubs but he remained loyal to Arsenal through his sincere love for the club. In a money driven world, that is a noble quality. Then again, the meaning of “noble” is lost to some people. Even players that have left the club still speak of Arsene Wenger with reverence because they know the great man personally.

It would be an absolute thrill to see Arsene Wenger continue as manager until he decided it was time to retire. Some fans need to learn to respect a great person but then again some of them do not really know how great Wenger is until their ignorance is demonstrated through real failure.


Written by Goolam Rawat

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