Arsenal: Who can replace Wenger?

Is there anyone fit enough to replace this legend?

Wenger…..Is there anyone fit enough to replace this legend?

A topic which has split Arsenal fans, is the controversial managerial situation. Some say that Wenger is still the right man for us and, should he be given more resources, will make us a true force again. Others disagree and think he isn’t the manager he was. Mainly because of his refusal to change the teams style, tactical inconsistencies, and his often questionable transfer acquisitions.

Now, I think very few people really know what is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal. The 2nd highest majority shareholder is refused a place in the board while our majority owner comes to a couple of games a season.

Whether the boardroom situation is having an effect on our results on the pitch, is a good question and it could well be. But surely some of our downfall must also be placed on the manager who buys the players, chooses the lineup and decides the tactics.

Arsene Wenger’s current contract is up at the end of next season but he could even walk out before that if fan pressure gets too much. If Wenger doesn’t leave willingly, he will stay at the club because I don’t believe the board are ambitious and gutsy enough to sack Arsene.

If he does leave the club, though, (which he eventually will) a worthy replacement must be found. This replacement should have won trophies at a high level, have the experience of managing (and being a success at) a top club as well as proof that he is able to handle the pressure that comes with managing a club like Arsenal.


Here are my 3 preferences as to who should be the next Arsenal manager:


1) Carlo Ancelotti – PSG

There are a number of reasons why Ancelotti is the perfect candidate to replace Arsene Wenger. Firstly, he has won an abundance of trophies including two Champions Leagues during his time at AC Milan.

He has also had success in the Premier League already, when he won the Premier League and FA Cup double in his first season in charge as well as the Community Shield. As well as this, he has proven that he can handle the pressure of being at a huge club.


2) Manuel Pellegrini – Malaga

The Chilean has already performed miracles at his current club, Malaga. When the club were forced to sell key players in the summer, most thought Malaga would fall apart. Instead, Pellegrini made clever additions before the season begun and Malaga are sitting 4th in La Liga at the moment.

But due to financial problems, Malaga could be banned from the UEFA competitions next season and it is hard to see a top coach like Pellegrini staying at a club with so many constrictions. Pellegrini would be a great fit at Arsenal, not only because of the fantastic job he has done so far at Malaga, but also because of his previous jobs.

Most notably building the superb Villareal team which was the last team in La Liga to split up the ‘Big Two’. He also did a good job at Real Madrid and, in my opinion, was unfairly sacked after he had achieved Real’s record points total in La Liga (until the 2011-12 season), only to be outdone by the superhuman Barcelona side.


3) Roberto Mancini – Manchester City

Many Arsenal fans will not like this but I think he is definitely a worthy candidate for the job at the Emirates. He has won countless trophies at numerous clubs, is still young so would suit the club long-term and provide stability, has experience of managing in the Premier League and he would also finally get us defending properly!

Some would disagree and say he has wasted money at City and his tactics in Europe are poor, but I would say that he wasn’t properly backed in the summer to improve on the title-winning squad.


Whether Arsene leaves in the summer or not, I believe he won’t be at the club much longer. If it was my choice, I’d pick Carlo Ancelotti (manager swap?).


Which of the three would you like as Arsenal’s next manager, or someone different entirely?


Written by Charlie Smith

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