Arsenal: Success or Consistency?

You simply cannot argue against Arsene Wenger’s record to consistently keep Arsenal in the top four. Until now.

For the first time under Arsene Wenger’s reign, one which stretches twenty-one years, Arsenal will not be involved in the Champions League for the coming 2017/2018 season.

‘Enough is enough. Time to go.’, said the Wenger-out brigade.


Coming to terms

A few months later, Arsenal fans are coming to terms with a renewed two-year contract for the Frenchman.

Owner Stan Kroenke has publicly given Wenger his full backing and reasserts the club’s ambition to win the Premier League: ‘Arsene is the best person to make that happen. He has a fantastic record.’

A track record that has not seen a Premier League title or a sustained challenge for the Champions League for over a decade.

For too long, Arsenal have drifted through the seasons with the same old mantra – ‘Next year is our year’.


Can Arsenal be successful?

If Leicester City can win the Premier League, Arsenal are perfectly equipped to do the same.

Towards the back end of last season, Arsenal enjoyed wins over Mourinho’s United, a duck that Wenger failed to crack – or quack – in 13 previous attempts, and consecutive victories over Manchester City and Chelsea in the FA Cup.

But, ironically, Arsenal need to be consistent on the pitch if they are to return to the glory days once more. Wenger can only do so much.

In fairness to Wenger, the level of competitiveness in the Premier League has dramatically changed since its early days.

Rather than a straight-up dog fight with Manchester United, other teams have entered the fold: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham.



On the other hand, it could be argued that some of these teams are envious of Arsenal’s position.

After all, they have won the FA Cup three times in four seasons. Trophies are nonetheless, trophies.

But fans are restless. The club needs to change things now. If Arsenal are not careful, the only thing they’ll parade is Olivier Giroud’s underwear, let alone silverware.


Written by Jack Kelly

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