Arsenal: Wilshere back in the business

Jack Wilshere will play for the first time in 14 months tomorrow with the Arsenal U-21 side as they take on West Brom. You might remember the England youngster injuring his ankle back in 2011 in the Emirates Cup series.

Since obtaining his injury, the now number 10 has gone through a whirlwind of trauma throughout these 14 months. Just as fans think he is fit and healthy to re-join his team mates, he is hit with another setback. But the true Gunner has pushed through every obstacle and has fought on to reclaim his starting position back.

The 20 year old returned to full training this week with the senior Arsenal side where Arsene Wenger announced his return.

“He will play on Monday, he will play his first game with the under-21s, maybe an hour or something like that,” Wenger said.

“It’s another important step but he has not played for 14 months so we have to calm your [the media’s] impatience a little bit. It is fantastic for him. When you are at that age and are out for such a long time, it is absolutely massive to take [for] him and Frimpong. Frimpong had two knee injuries, Jack had two setbacks. It is massive for them to come back and for us as well.”

Friends by fractures; the two friends play their way back into their beloved team following lengthy injuries.

The boss does not wish to rush Wilshere’s return as the media pressurises the Gunner’s manager. Wenger has already given word not to expect much game time for the youngster and that it will take a while for Wilshere to regain his ‘burst’ he once possessed when he was fit; but once the young playmaker gets back in action, the Boss foresees that he will surpass his ultimate best.

Arsenal fans all around the globe are jumping in joy about the very thought of Wilshere kicking around the ball again.

“Can possibly be our talisman to work with Cazorla. As good as we look now.. Get ready for Wilshere,” warns Chris Avnell.

According to John Collins, Wilshere is the “best signing in years.”

Not only are the fans over the moon to see his comeback, but so are his team mates. English ally, Theo Walcott, also expressed his delight to see his team mate – and friend – return to full form.

“It’s nice to see him back,” replied Walcott

“He’s the sort of player that’s just different. He spots things that no one else does and he hasn’t lost it, trust me. He’s buzzing, he’s getting stuck in and that’s what he wants.”

These are big baby steps for Wilshere and slipping into the number 10 once he returns will convey large amounts of pressure for the youngster but we are all confident that Jack will bring his A-game and much, much more.


Written by Siobhan Pedroza

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