Theo Walcott: Thanks for the memories, but Arsenal won’t miss you

How would you feel if you’re called up for the English national team? Now, how would you feel if you’re a 16-year-old and are called up for the team England to play in the World Cup? Just ask Theo Walcott.

Early from his Southampton days, Walcott was always considered to be the “next big thing.” We all know how this panned out, don’t we? Seriously, the amount of hopes that have been shattered is huuuuuge.

Now take a few step back from this hope and think of a random player who has stayed at a top club, played there for ten years, and scored more than a hundred goals (w/o penalties) as a winger in around 400 appearances. You’d say that he must be a pretty good player, if not a great one.

That player – as we all know – is Theo Walcott.

We can talk all day about the things that went wrong for him, and whether he was at fault or not. But, hell with that. Now, Theo Walcott has taken the next step in his career by moving to Everton, a brave step has to be said.

Many have talked about him and what lies ahead for him. But almost no one talks of what will Arsenal miss? Will they even miss him?

There are two scenarios that have to be considered here: a micro and a macro. Let’s talk about the former. Will they miss him his contribution this season? HELL NO! He was nowhere near to Arsene Wenger’s starting lineup and would have remained the same had he stayed.

So, on a micro-level, they’re not going to miss him one bit.

Let’s talk about the bigger picture.

As a character, Theo Walcott embodied Arsenal’s spirits. A well-spoken, good lad who works hard. A guy about whom the teammates will have nothing but good things to say about.

However, that’s not enough. Although Walcott captained Arsenal a few times, he was nowhere near being a voice in the dressing room. He isn’t a big character whose presence can be felt from far. These things you expect from a player who plays for a team for more than a decade. Unfortunately, Theo isn’t one of those.

I’ll conclude up this article by answering these questions:

  1. Will Arsenal miss Theo Walcott’s contributions on the pitch? No.
  2. Will Arsenal miss Theo Walcott’s presence off the pitch? Again, no.
  3. I might seem a bit too blunt, but that’s the way I see it. What do you think?


Written by Sandeep Sharma

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