Exposed and a liability: Time for Wenger to bench Xhaka

Granit Xhaka, having made some big mistakes on field this season, has faced the ire of football critics and Arsenal fans from all over the world.

Xhaka’s misplaced passes which also resulted in Arsenal conceding a goal this season have become the focal point of discussions.



Many believe that because this is his second season, other teams have figured out his weaknesses and are targeting him to exploit them.

In the game against Watford, he was caught idly watching as Cleverley zoomed past him to score a goal at the 93rd min.

Similarly, his mistake against Everton let Wayne Rooney score a goal against Arsenal right at the beginning of the game. This has invited the wrath of the club’s fans who want him out of the squad until he gains back his confidence.


Time to start Wilshere?

While many believe that it’s time for Wenger to bench Xhaka for good, it might open the path for Jack Wilshere who has been eyeing up to take his spot back in the squad.

Benching Xhaka might give a clear example to everyone that only performers will be welcome to stay in the club.

With the pressure rising, the onus is now on Wenger. He needs to take some steps to ensure that Arsenal don’t falter in important games and lose out due to silly mistakes which can be avoided.  


Written by Sandeep Sharma

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