Liverpool: The Reds continue their ascent in the English top flight

The Gunners dream of finally shooting to the top of the league table shattered after they drew against Tottenham Hotspur, and it looked like Arsenal had every tool they needed to go all the way to the top of the EPL, what with rivals like Manchester City fumbling in the most unlikely of places.

However, not even online betting enthusiasts expected Spurs to hold Arsenal to a draw.


Fierce derby

The North London Derby was a fierce one; played at the Emirates Stadium, the 1-1 match was one of the more exciting games to be played this season.

And Arsenal was looking quite good at the start, especially when Spurs’ Kevin Simmers blessed them with an own goal.

However, the fact that Arsenal was unable to compound upon that lead says a lot about the structural problems of the Wenger’s side; Spurs were able to finally equalize in the 51st minute.

It all began with an infringement in Arsenal’s box. It took a while for the referee to determine what had happened; but eventually, he noted that Laurent Koscielny had fouled Moussa Dembele in the box.

This gave Spurs a powerful chance to equalize.

Fortunately for the team, Harry Kane had what it took to put the goal into the net. And it is easy to see why Arsenal might have gone into the game excited at the prospect of finally shooting to the top of the table.


Lost points

They were keenly aware of the fact that Manchester City had failed to live up to expectations by slipping up during their game against Middlesbrough. So Arsenal had every reason to desire a win against the Spurs.

However, the Spurs proved to be too much of a challenge for Wenger’s boys; of course, the Arsenal/Spurs tie left Liverpool free to overtake Chelsea to claim the top spot.

The Blues defeated Everton 5-0 on Saturday.


Liverpool school Watford

Considering the way they played, it was clear that Liverpool wouldn’t allow the pressure of the game, specifically the opportunity to overtake Chelsea, overwhelm them.

This is a first time that Liverpool has gone to the top of the Premier League table since Manager Jurgen Klopp joined the team; their 6-1 victory over Watford was emphatic and well deserved, giving them the boost they need to leave Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City in the dust.

Liverpool was on point during the entire game; Sadio Manes’ header was probably one of the highlights because of how acrobatic it was, and it came just in time to give Liverpool the momentum and confidence they needed after so many missed chances.

The second goal followed three minutes later, drilled into the net by Phillipe Coutinho from 20 yards. And if that wasn’t enough to break Watford’s spirit, Adam Lallana, and Emre Can coordinated to score another goal.

Watford was spared further humiliation by the half-time break; however, the story didn’t change much in the second half of the game. Liverpool continued to school them, proving how abject and helpless they were.

Liverpool are definitely in top form, though they had an easy opponent in Watford.


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