Stevan Jovetic: Is The Man City Forward The Striker Arsenal Need?

Stevan Jovetic remains an exciting player, who can be a good addition to any team. In fact, he could still be one of the best strikers in the world.

Him being linked with an Arsenal move, however, raises a couple of questions and mixed reactions from fans worldwide.

Here are two questions raised from this transfer rumour.


Is he what Arsenal need?

One complaint that Arsenal fans have had over the years is Wenger failing to sign a prolific striker (25+ goals) help them mount a title challenge and end their trophy drought.

Does Jovetic fit this description? Most fans would disagree.

However, his overall stats suggest that he could be this striker. At Fiorentina, he scored 40 times in 134 appearances. This is a decent record for such a young striker at the time. In addition, he came back from a knee ligament injury, which saw him miss the 2010-2011 season.

He scored 27 of his 40 goals after his return from injury. This suggests that such an injury did not hamper his growth as a striker.

Nevertheless, Jovetic has struggled in recent seasons to impress, with his move to the Etihad not panning out well,  scoring 8 in 28 appearances.

In addition, his loan move to Inter Milan has also been rather unimpressive with 6 goals in 23 appearances. This trend suggests that he may fail to thrive in a rather demanding Arsenal team.


How would he fit into the Gunners’ set-up?

Arsenal thrives in possession of the ball. Therefore, one requirement is the ability to keep the ball. Jovetic has the ability to keep the ball, as his numbers show that he lost the ball 1.7 times in a match. This is a positive in a rather disappointing stint for the striker.

In addition, he had a pass completion rate of 74% which is average, to say the least.

His style of play is also one that the Gunners could appreciate. He is quick and versatile, and could therefore gel properly with the Arsenal attack.

His dribbling skills are also good, as well as possessing the ability to take on defenders and beat them. The Serb could therefore thrive in a counterattacking Arsenal side.

However, the one person that could answer this question is Arsene Wenger. This is not the first time that the Gunners have been linked with Jovetic, and therefore there might be a feeling that he could still do what is expected of him if signed.



In conclusion, Jovetic would be make a tidy squad player, which is the last thing Arsenal need at the moment.

Therefore, though he could improve, and prove his critics (especially at City) wrong, he is not worth the risk for Arsenal.

And with Arsenal being linked with other strikers, it’s hard to envisage him being the main man on top that the club is seeking.


Written by Julius Musya

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