Arsenal: Why Wenger’s contract renewal is good for the club

This campaign has been a really topsy-turvy season for Arsenal.

From the disappointing opening day home game defeat to Liverpool, all the way to beating Chelsea in the final of the FA Cup to win it for a record 13 times.

Questionably at the end of the season Arsene Wenger was offered a new contract to stay at the club for another two years which would take his tenure at Arsenal Football Club to 23 years in charge.

The decision to offer him a new deal came at a point in the season when Arsenal were struggling to put two wins in a row together and left a great deal of the fans chanting and sending messages for Wenger to leave.

While the other side of the fan base dug their heels in and supported the Gunners as much as they could, despite the negativity gaining more publicity.


Critics quieted down

When the signature was made public after the FA Cup final, the dispute in the fan base had finally quieted down as the Wenger Out Brigade realized their cries fell on deaf ears and that it was now the time to support the players again and get behind the manager for another two years.

Not securing champions football this year was a heartening blow to the club, as in the past 20 years Arsene has guided the Gunners to finish consecutively inside the top 4 without fail.

Since moving to the Emirates stadium from Highbury, Arsenal have relied on the income from securing Champions League Football. Qualifying for this competition also made sure that the club could attract world class talent such as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Now that Arsenal will be playing in the Europa League instead of amongst Europe’s elite, the question looms as to whether these two superstars see themselves at the club for much longer especially with less than 18 months left on their contract.

Keeping these two players and luring more top talent from across the globe is what the club now needs to do in order to have a strong campaign next season to try and break back into the top 4. This undoubtedly can only be done with a manager with good pedigree and lots of experience.

With that being said, here are a few reasons why keeping Arsene Wenger on for two more years is good for the club.



Shaking up the managerial board at this moment would not be a good idea, as both Ozil and Sanchez want to play for the master tactician, and the former coming out publicly saying that he would not sign a new deal until the manager does.

Sacking Arsene would have been a massive mistake and might have been detrimental to the club’s ambitions for next season, as Wenger knows this club inside out and has devoted the larger part of his career to it.

Should he leave when the club is in the slump that it currently is, we could see the aforementioned players easily walk out and other notable names in the squad would definitely follow suit.

Now that Wenger has committed to two more years, his first order of business should be to tie down his most valuable players to long term contracts and seek other high-profile players to increase the squads chance of getting back into the top 4.

Not to just get the fans off his back, but as a statement of intent from Arsenal Football Club.


Not enough available quality successors

Since the January transfer window opened, not one day would go by without the speculation of who will be Arsene’s successor.

From very experienced managers like Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus and Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid to great prospects who have the potential to be great managers one day such as Eddie Howe of Bournemouth and Thomas Tuchel, formerly of Borussia Dortmund.

Even Thierry Henry had been linked to take over at the helm.

Coming down towards the end of the season these managers have been ruled out one by one due to their current commitments or desire to be coaching elsewhere next season.

With not enough high-quality coaches floating around, the best option would be to stick it out with Wenger until one becomes available to take over from him.

This also gives the club a chance to prepare and start courting a manager worthy enough to take over when the time is right.


Making things right

Almost all the players at the club are at fault for the season going the way it did. They owe it to the manager and the fans to put things as they should be next season.

Arsene insists that he is still up for the fight and needs to show the fans how ruthless Arsenal can be.

After a change in formation and shifting to a back three, Arsenal have won 9 out of their last 10 games of the season which shows that maybe a change in formation was needed but also shows that the players can still get behind the manager and produce results.

If Arsene can make the right signings to suit this formation, Arsenal will be a force to reckon with next season as they owe it to the fans.

It seems as if Arsene is doing what he can to remedy the stagnation at Arsenal (changing the formation, etc) but more needs to be done in terms of the mentality of the players.

The squad has matured and they are now showing the fight that Arsenal Football Club is known for, that never give up mentality. Wenger needs to keep this momentum going into next season and surely Arsenal will challenge for the league title.


Wenger will strengthen 

In the past years Wenger has been accused of being very frugal with funds, and not spending as much as other clubs do. But now Arsenal boasts a war chest of funds that is enough to give the top clubs in Europe a challenge when it comes to buying player.

Arsene will use this wisely and strengthen in the right places.

It is no secret that this is now uncharted territory for Wenger, however he is the man that put the club into the situation it currently is in and should be the man to guide them out of it.


Written by Jamaal Hamilton

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