An Arsenal Poem: Wenger’s Still In

It’s 2019 and Brexit’s been and done
No one’s very happy though
And we’ve got another election
May’s very nervous
And she’s gotten very thin
But it doesn’t really matter
Wenger’s still in

It’s late 2020 and Trump’s re-elected
He saw a pretty woman though
So he got a bit erected
But she took a like a champ
In fact she took it on the chin
And to get through the trauma she thought
Well Wenger’s still in

It’s 2022 and the World is at war
We think it’s over oil
Although no one’s really sure
We’re supposed to join the army
But we chucked our letters in the bin
Don’t let it scare you though
Wenger’s still in

It’s 2025 and the Queen’s just died
Funnily turns out though
She hadn’t cared since ‘95
Still the nation’s in mourning
Because she was a lynchpin
What people seem to forget though
Is Wenger’s still in

It’s 2032 and Christmas time
The whole thing’s a big let-down though
We all got the same thing from Amazon Prime
But we can all lift our cheer
With a big glass of gin
And going to bed warm and cosy knowing
Wenger’s still in

It’s 2056 and no has a job
We’re all owned by robots
And we all think their knobs
But what gets us through
Is a smile and a grin
And knowing they don’t like football
And that Wenger’s still in

It’s 2099 and I’ve jumped a bit ahead
The reason for doing so
Is we’ll all soon be dead
It’s not cause of terrorists
It’s global warmin’
The good thing to know though
Is Wenger’s still in



Written by Scott Pope

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