Jack Wilshere: Time for Southgate to call up the resurrected Arsenal star

Jack Wilshere, one of Arsenal’s youngest players, who has progressed through the ranks from youth academy and then became a part of the first team.

Over the years, he’s evolved as a player but much of it has been overshadowed by injuries. In his ten-year tenure at Arsenal, he has played 173 games in different competitions and scored 15 goals.

Wilshere made his break in the National Team on 7 Aug 2010 against Hungary in a friendly. Since then, he’s played 34 games and scored twice for the Three Lions. The main problem faced by Wilshere which affects him on a massive scale is him being injury prone and being out for weeks and months.

In the previous season, he was sidelined after suffering a hairline fracture which led to him being out for the rest of the season. This added up as the sole reason behind him missing his selection to represent England on the National level.

With the World Cup approaching in a few months and everyone is looking to solidify their places. Wilshere would want to get as much game time possible to influence England national team manager Gareth Southgate.

Southgate has spoken to Arsene Wenger about Wilshere to track his health, training regime and fitness. Southgate has even said that Wilshere is a talented player, but he has a history with injuries which has hampered his game time and performances, if he can regain his form there’s no one stopping him to get back in the squad for the World Cup.

All that is left to do for Wilshere is to perform well in the league games, make full use of international friendlies against Holland and Italy, and he’d be cruising into the National Team for the World Cup.


Written by Sandeep Sharma

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