Cardiff City: MacKay’s sacking a side effect of Modern Football

Malky MacKay, the man behind the revitalisation of top flight football in the Welsh capital for the first time in 51 years. With an achievement of that magnitude it would be fair to suggest that he would get his chance to prove his worth in the Premier League after earning it.

Quizzical looks at the questionably dressed owner Vincent Tan, promptly followed when in the middle of the gruelling Christmas period, Vincent Tan “demanded” Malky MacKay’s letter of resignation. Some people call this unjust and unfair, I call it Modern Football.

A new generation of football has been born and primed throughout the past 20 years.

With the addition of agents, the spiralling cost of TV Rights and profiteering directors looking for a business project to help extend there brand to a worldwide market using sport as a springboard. The principles of football is changing from recreational sport to big business where milliseconds can be the difference between a slender profit or a successful financial year for all shareholder and owner.

Although, not all owners should be tarnished with the same metaphorical brush. Some of the best business minds bow there heads to making losses out of there out personal wealth after bad investments in poor players in the hope of attaining ambitions of success for their beloved football club.

These owners are the likes that are going to stay around, and keep the stability of the club at the forefront of priorities not unrealistic instant success like some of these business men that take over looking for a quick profit on an asset, something that will only benefit the directors and the company owning the assets of the club and alters a few numbers on the balance sheet at the end of their financial year.

The owners that alter badges, kit colours, team names and sack managers after grinding out possibly the biggest achievement of the club in recent history are the owners that don’t care for the fans, or their opinions, passion or perception on the goings on within the club.

They only speak one language, and that’s the language of the Pound sign on your receipt when you exit the club shop after spending £50 on a replica shirt, donned with the sponsor of the highest bidder or the owners best friend’s business looking for a hike in revenue.

Don’t let Modern Football enslave you to a £50 away ticket and a £445 season ticket, and then let owners tell you, the life blood and the people that keep this team playing football week in week out that you can “can die as soon as they want” because believe it or not without the fans, football is nothing. Null, defunct.

Protests won’t resonate, the only thing that will resonate with these people is for you to not come to games, not buy your yearly replica rip of kit or your 10 away games a season at an equally ridiculous price, because fans to these owners aren’t fans, they’re customers, part of the revenue stream and we are worth much more then that.


Written by James Clark

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