Football Poem: Chelsea sing the Blues… Winning games is what we choose

We are the boys in blue,
and we are the ones to
When we march on to
the pitch – watching our
skill is a must.
We are the Chelsea elite,
we play at Stamford
And we are the defending
champions – because we
have the courage.

We won the Premier League,
in the summer of 2014,
Now we are defending it –
do you know what I mean?
We have a great defender,
the brilliant, John Terry,
We also had Frank Lampard –
but he went to Man City.

We have a wealthy owner,
and a flamboyant manager,
Known as the “SPECIAL”
one – he always hides his
Jose Mourinho is his name –
and he comes from Portugal,
Wanting to win ever game –
it is his football will!!

There even is Drogba, Ashley
Cole’ as well,
Together as a strike force –
they really do so gel.
Lots of others too – all the
best right now,
When they parade on the
pitch – all the fans do bow.

The Chelsea boys are now
all ready – but, who do you
Even in the dressing room –
Chelsea sings the blues!!!!
So, good luck to the blues,
and Chelsea’ is their name,
And winning the English
Premier League, is their
one true aim.


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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