Ricardo Rodriguez: Why Chelsea is the likeliest destination for the highly-rated left-back

The wonderful left-back from Switzerland is still a Wolfsburg player, but probably not for too long.

Last August 31st, the deadline day came to an end.

Many clubs strengthened their squads buying some players even considering how much prices have risen.

For instance, 13 of 20 Premier League clubs broke their transfer record, and all combined spent 1.6 billion of dollars. Madness.

Big clubs choose carefully which players will help them to improve their team.

Getting a proper full-back (right or left) who could adapt to your system is not easy, so it is difficult to understand how Ricardo Rodriguez is still a Wolfsburg’s player.

Maybe, the idea of the board was to retain their best player to be competitive in the Bundesliga and get a spot in next season’s Champions League, but it is something they won’t be able to do for so long (Draxler also received a high-salary offer from PSG).

This is just the reality of the sport as we currently know it.


Style of play

Despite being a left-back, Ricardo Rodriguez is a very offensive-minded player.

Having just turned 24 years old last week, he is a very experienced defender with 41 caps with his national team, including World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016 appearances.

Ricardo Rodriguez has many strengths like: crossing, key passes, dribbling, holding on to the ball and taking set-pieces.

He executes penalties and free kicks at Wolfsburg and had already scored one on the club’s opening match-day when his side beat Augsburg 2-0.

Ricardo Rodriguez also was named MOTM (Man of the Match) in that encounter.

Since his arrival to ‘The Wolves’, he has been very impressive and many giant clubs are looking at him.


Likely destinations


Real Madrid

Marcelo, a current legend, is always on the XI. If he is not, Nacho, Danilo or Coentrao are ready.

Likelihood: 10%.



Alba will always be the first choice. Lucas Digne had arrived this summer to be a quality back-up.

Likelihood: 10%.



Best team in France by far, but going to Ligue 1 is not the smart decision. Isn’t it?

Likelihood: 15%.



The Italians multi-champs play with three center-backs and two wingers on each side. On the left you have: Evra, Asamoah and Alex Sandro.

Likelihood: 10%.



The Bavaria team always looks for the best Bundesliga players but they have Alaba – the best LB in the world- and a proper sub like Bernat.

Likelihood: 10%.



Monreal and Gibbs are clearly not better than Rodriguez but having spent plenty of quid on Perez and Mustafi, Wenger might not be interested.

Likelihood: 40%.


Manchester City

Clichy and Kolarov staying for their second Guardiola’s season at Etihad is very uncertain. Rodriguez could be an option.

Likelihood: 70%.


Manchester United

Mourinho has a lot of options for this position: Shaw, Blind, Rojo and the youngster Blackett.

Likelihood: 30%.



Milner is playing in that position due to Alberto Moreno’s horrible performances. Klopp knows the Bundesliga very well, so a move can’t be discarded.

Likelihood: 75%.



Conte is rebuilding Chelsea’s defence. They have Alonso – a left-back and sometimes center-back – and Baba –who fits perfectly in the Bundesliga- on loan at Schalke.

However, it could be last season for Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic so they might need high level replacements.

They made enquires for him this past summer and offer Baba plus some money could be a great deal for all.

Likelihood: 80%


My take

In my view, Ricardo Rodriguez will be playing at Premier League next season due to his style. Thoughts?


Written by Franco

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