A Football Poem: The Lower Echelons Of English Football

Blackpool football club
are trying their best,
To play good football –
and pass the test.
They slowly climb up
the very high table,
Winning some games –
and now they are

The Oyston’s won’t
buy and spend any
This causes friction –
even a rash!
The fans aren’t happy –
that is true,
They voice their anger
at the privileged few!

Little Fleetwood Town,
they’ve slipped up.
They’ve lost their form
and won’t win the cup.
They did play well – and
won each game,
But now they’re struggling –
who is to blame?

They are close to the
bottom – and they do
But they’ll start winning –
and then we’ll all cheer!
They started so well –
but now they do struggle,
But, they’ll get better –
they’re just in a muddle!

But the team doing well,
is Accrington Stanley,
In Division Two – they
sit there patiently.
They are playing well –
and that is so true,
Fans turn up – and there’s
always a queue!

Two players sent off – but
the team rallied round.
They played their hearts
out – holding their ground.
Drinking their milk – it
does them all good.
They are winning more
games – as they know
they should.

The lower league’s are
doing good – and deserve
a mention.
They play good football –
it is a suggestion.
Their aim is to win – and
hopefully win promotion.
Then all the fans can sing
the tuneful; ‘locomotion!’

So hail the lower teams
who are paid so much
Some have other jobs –
and part time, I do guess.
They are entertaining –
that is for sure.
They all want to win –
run around, and score!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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