A Football Poem: Another Enthralling Season Of English Football

Chelsea FC will now be
crowned champions,
Of the English Premier
League, as it now happens.

They’ve played brilliant
all through the season,
They’ve shown True Grit,
and sheer determination.

It seems they cannot now
be caught,
But, it is really just a
mere thought?

Spurs and Liverpool have
done their best,
They tried to catch Chelsea,
with such zest.

The climax of the title
run-in – is evident to see,
Top classy teams – one,
two and three.

All chasing the chance of
European glory,
Playing in the Champions
League, wow, what a

There are some players
who also play-act – as they
do thrive,
They won’t think twice,
about ‘taking a dive!’

Conning the ref who has
to decide,
To book the player – or
to run and hide.

The climax is near – and
the fans go wild,
All grown up adults acting
like a child.

The terraces are full of
fans of each team,
Winning promotion is their

Good luck to them all who
are fighting for survival,
Being relegated is really
pure evil.

Just play the game as you
are able,
And with some luck you
will climb the table.

The world of football is
coming to a close,
The teams have battled,
the tiredness now shows!

The English football
season has enthralled us
So until the new football
season – go kick a ball!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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