A Football Poem: God bless you, Bobby Moore

A very famous footballer
was remembered recently,
Who helped England win
the World Cup – which is
now history.

A very famous man indeed,
and a doting father,
Also a loving husband – to
Tina, his beautiful wife to

Bobby played for West Ham –
and started as a schoolboy,
And has young Bobby got
older – he played football
with such joy.

He played at the highest
level – and he also enjoyed
the high life.
But he never ever strayed –
he loved his beautiful wife.

But ill health was to take
its course – and Bobby did
become poorly,
Bobby battled cancer – this
wasn’t the end, surely?

His football career was a
success, but his health was
fading now,
His battle with cancer – he
was losing hope, somehow.

Bobby Moore sadly died,
at the age of 51 –
Leaving a devoted wife –
and a loving son.

He also had a daughter –
who he really did worship,
Playing his beloved football –
in his England strip.

God Bless you Bobby Moore,
you never failed to score,
When you played the game
of football – you opened up
heaven’s door.

We know you’re up in heaven,
and keeping Final Score;
‘We’ll never forget a football
hero – the brilliant Bobby


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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