Jonjo Shelvey: From being derided at Liverpool to stardom at Swansea

I want to talk about Jonjo Shelvey. About three, maybe four, years ago when he was playing for Liverpool I earmarked Jonjo Shelvey as possibly the worst player playing in the Premier League.

He didn’t get much game time at Liverpool, but when he was on the pitch he made the wrong decision almost every time he received the ball.

If he did make the right decision he would regularly fail to execute his pass, shot or tackle. However, over the last few seasons at Swansea, he has developed into a truly top player in the Premier League, and maybe an underrated one.


Well-deserved England call-up

He has just earned an England call up and as far as I am concerned it is well deserved. Swansea have been fantastic this season and this doesn’t look like a flash in the pan. They look the real deal and the emergence of players like Jonjo Shelvey will allow them to continue their form.

A ‘lower’ team can sometimes have a good start to the season and then take the foot off the gas when they are safe. I hope Swansea don’t do that, but I do believe they have enough quality in their squad to beat a lot of teams at a canter. It’s early, but they have matched the top teams so far this season.

Shelvey still has the odd mistake in him, but so far this season that hasn’t been a problem. If he can keep them to a minimum then he’s on an exciting path. His decision making has vastly improved as has his execution. He has contributed goals, and good ones at that.

Whoever saw something in him from Swansea is either a lucky idiot or a genius.


Fantastic acquisition for Swansea

His purchase by Swansea was a fantastic one, coming from Liverpool while Joe Allen went the other way for over twice the price. I think most would rather have Shelvey in their team than Allen.

Perhaps Liverpool was too big for him at such a young age, but the fact of the matter is that the way Swansea play as a club seems to have really improved him.

It’s becoming apparent the way Swansea run the football club is to be admired. Their passing, high pressing game is proving a hit and while Shelvey himself has had some good seasons, Swansea, this year, look like they have enough quality in the squad for some of these to players really shine.

I think Jonjo Shelvey will ultimately be at the forefront of these players.


Young and still progressing

He is still young and can still learn, with Swansea’s rise he can ease into a higher standard of football with out feeling too under pressure. His England inclusion will help, too.

He needs to just keep doing what he is doing, set his goals high, and avoid reading articles that expect big things from him.


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Written by Jonny Troy

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