Kevin Mirallas: Shining for the Toffees after bumpy start

Kevin Mirallas, that Belgium guy that Evertonians call “the Belgian Ronaldo” or “Super Kev!” Yes, another of David Moyes’ wonder bargain-buys. I have been a huge fan of Kevin for about a year and a half now where he was spending his time in Greece, playing for Olympiakos, and always thought to myself “If Everton ever bought him, or a player like him then I would be happy as Larry”. Well, that dream came true at the end of the summer transfer window of 2012 (fan favourite Steven Pienaar also signed, along with a selection of others).

I turned to my friend and explained his ability and work rate at Olympiakos, his pace is something Everton needed along with his skills and ability to be able to actually score, although that was somewhat filled by Nikica Jelavic. Mirallas had a rough start to his Premier League debut season and looked to be an average player…that all changed after his first goal against Swansea.

Since his goal at the Liberty, Kevin has worked ever so hard providing assists and spectacular runs down the right midfield, and has fit into the squad perfectly. However many Evertonians still weren’t convinced with the Belgian born 25-year-old, which is where the Merseyside derby comes in.

He was everywhere on the pitch that day and picked up almost every ball given to him as well as having a pinpoint accurate pass succession but besides that he was pacing through Liverpool’s midfield, silkily dribbling past Liverpool’s strongest and most experienced players like Gerrard, highly-rated centre back Daniel Agger, and was proving an even bigger problem for left-back Enrique.

Unfortunately a slight injury ruled Mirallas out for the second half but his performance didn’t go unnoticed and many thought he should have been Man of the Match.

Everton fought off competition from Arsenal, who seemed to have been very keen for his signature but Moyes was adamant of signing the Belgian, having the upper hand of promising more first team football. “Discussions were at quite an advanced stage with Arsenal,” said Mirallas. I think Fellaini’s influence also helped with the process, and the two Belgians have shown how well they can link up.

What’s my view on Kevin? I think he’s going to be a very valuable player to our squad, and I noticed in our game against Liverpool and Sunderland (where he had to be substituted off due to injury again) that after he went off, our pace slowed down significantly. He brings a positive attitude to each game he plays in and I do hope that injuries won’t be a major setback. I feel he has gained the hearts of almost every Toffee, signifying that he will soon become a fan favourite, but I don’t want too much pressure to be put on him.

A downside to Kevin though is yes, his passing his accurate to the point of a pin but he doesn’t pass enough in my eyes, luckily he has the ability to be able to skin past players and take a shot.

He truly is our “Super Kev”.


Written by Alex Wigmore

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