Trent Alexander-Arnold: The Next Big Scouser?

After reading the title you will be probably thinking, “Are you guys using internet explorer or something over there at O-Posts?” We get your point.

A post like this about Alexander-Arnold at this moment might sound dumb.


Plaudits galore

The young Liverpool defender has already got lots of praise for his performances this season.

He played at Right Back instead of the injured Nathaniel Clyne in three out of four games for Liverpool. The 18 year old even scored a goal for the English club in his second game. The goal came in Liverpool’s first leg Champions League play-off match against Hoffenheim in Germany.

Alexander-Arnold took the responsibility of taking a free-kick to many people’s surprise and he surprised them again by scoring from it. It was a well struck shot and Hoffenheim goalkeeper Oliver Baumann could not do nothing much about that.

If you are a Liverpool supporter you were probably aware if him rising through the ranks over the past couple of years. Liverpool fans also will remember him coming out on to the pitch as a mascot when he was six years old along with club legend Jamie Carragher. Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard had said last year that he was a player to watch out for.

So the Liverpool fans and other Premier League fans are well aware of Alexander-Arnold’s talents already and we agree with that this post has come a little bit late. But we are a bunch of optimistic lads and can’t hold ourselves back when we see some serious talent and potential in someone.


Deserving starter

Despite being very impressive in the games he player, some of the commentators have often said that he is playing because Clyne is out injured.

However, if you are a Liverpool fan or have followed the club in pre-season you will know that Alexander-Arnold looked like he will be starting ahead of Clyne. The youngster have done a great job in the right back position and the former Southampton player will have a tough time trying to get back his position in the club’s starting eleven.

Alexander-Arnold already has got more fans than Clyne and they claim the teenager deserves to keep his position in line-up even when his teammate returns from injury.

This opinion cannot be termed as correct or incorrect, we will have to leave things to Jurgen Klopp to decide and see what he does. However, the reason behind Alexander-Arnold having more support than Clyne is not simply because they think he is better.


Fan favourite

There are mainly two reasons for this majority opinion.

One, the youngster is a Scouser and the fans love to see players from Liverpool make their club proud. Two, because he is a better attacking player than Clyne.

Clyne is good at right back for Liverpool. The Englishman is solid defensively, but fails when going forward. Despite the club having a world class attack, it always frustrated the fans when Clyne’s attacking contribution was not up to the mark and that was the situation almost everytime.

Alexander-Arnold, on the other hand, is like an opposite version of Clyne. Great going forward, weak at defending (not as weak as Alberto Moreno though). Liverpool already have a weak defence and when the youngster players, it could become even worse. However, the Liverpool fans does not seem to give attention to it. Why?

Because, they are happy with the change he has brought to the line-up. After watching Clyne play his usual defensive game for the past couple of seasons, the fans are excited to see Alexander-Arnold come up with some runs from the back. His crossing is also good and he even is taking set-pieces for the club, something which the fans could never imagine Clyne do.


Future captain? We will see

We could see some good teams exploit the Scouser’s defensive weakness soon, but it is only after such experiences that he can grow into a complete player.

There are suggestions that he is a future captain for the club and that will be a great thing to see. Day by day loyalty in football is fading away and to see a Scouser leading a Liverpool side will be a happy sight for any football fan.


Written by Dakir Thanveer

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