Dejan Lovren: Why I won’t let the Croatian walk alone

Liverpool FC faced an embarrassing 4-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley on Sunday.

Thanks to a couple of defensive errors from you know who. Dejan Lovren and Simon Mignolet, and also one each from Joel Matip and Emre Can.

Liverpool now sit ninth on the premier league points table having won only three of their nine league games. Things are going really bad for Klopp and his men while they have some serious catching up to do to get back in the race for a top 4 finish.

Harry Kane and co were on top of their confidence, and they were expected to give the Reds a tough time, but no. Liverpool were too generous that they awarded four goals to the opposition and also helped Kane go on top of the top scorers table without Spurs having to break much sweat.


The biggest talking point

We could talk about what is wrong with Liverpool for hours and hours, but we cannot do that. So, I will talk about arguably the biggest talking point from the game – Dejan Lovren.

The Croatian was on the pitch for only just above 31 minutes, but he had already given away the game by then.

Just five minutes into the game, Lovren fails to check Kane running behind him and Liverpool go behind. Just seven minutes later, he goes all in for a high ball only to miss out on it completely and yes Liverpool concede again as a result.

Lovren was substituted soon and he walked away with his heads hanging in shame. As of now, it looks like the player won’t be returning to the starting line-up anytime soon. His confidence is on the floor and he is not physically or mentally in a state to play now. Many even think that his career at Anfield is done and dusted.

Klopp tried protecting the player in his post match press conference saying that he could have taken anyone off and nothing much would have changed. But it is obvious that was not the case and he was just avoiding hitting an already dead person.


A very concerning problem

Lovren is not Liverpool’s only problem, but it is a very concerning one.

He has made some costly errors and Liverpool had to pay the price. Liverpool fans do not want him anywhere near the line-up now and they are right that he is not good enough to be a starting defender for a team like Liverpool who are supposed to be challenging for the Premier League title.

However, personally I don’t agree with the way the fans are treating him. Criticism is fair, but abusing him in such way that he removed the word ‘Liverpool’ from his Instagram account is unacceptable (the player made some changes to his social media account including disabling comments and removing Liverpool from his bio).


Still one of the club’s best center-backs

No matter what, he is still the second best centre-back Liverpool have got now and he has to be backed until the club finds a proper replacement.

I believe Klopp knows what he was doing when he took Lovren off on Sunday. That move only damaged the player’s confidence even more, but sometimes you have to demolish to reconstruct. And I believe, that is what Klopp is trying to do.

I cannot even imagine what Lovren must be going through now. He will be having his head hanging with all the abuse coming to haunt him.


Early struggles

However, I do know that Lovren has gone through even worse moments in his life.

He was only three when he had to flee to Germany from his hometown of Kraljeva Sutjeska in Bosnia as a refugee. What is happening now cannot match the horrors that he faced in his childhood.

When the war in Bosnia was over, Lovren and his family were forced to leave for Croatia, where he was very much bullied at school. His family was just managing to survive.

His childhood is something he doesn’t like to remember, but he fought through it. Those incidents are something no man deserves let alone a child.


Why I won’t let him walk alone

Lovren might be not a good player for Liverpool, but he is a proven fighter and that is why I won’t let him walk alone.

If he was able to successfully able to overcome the nightmares of his childhood, I strongly believe Lovren will fight through his current situation and come back stronger.


Written by Dakir Thanveer

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