Mamadou Sakho: Why Klopp’s Decision To Loan Him Out Makes Little Sense

The news of UEFA dismissing the Sakho’s doping case back in July came as a relief to every Liverpool fan around the world.


Return ticket from the club’s pre-season tour

Everyone had expected Frenchman to play an important part in the pre-season matches in the ICC with Liverpool drawn against European heavyweights like Barcelona, AC Milan and Roma.

Sakho was seen interrupting Klopp in the video during USA tour, many fans took as bad chemistry between the boss and player.

When James Pearce broke the news of Klopp sending Sakho back to Liverpool, people started to portray that video incident as one of the reasons for Sakho’s return ticket to England.

However, the club said that the Sakho’s return was just for fitness reasons and the defender flew back for rehabilitation.

Sakho’s early return from the tour has shocked the Liverpool fans and now the news of Klopp making the Frenchman available on loan is even more shocking.

Since the doping case, Sakho has divided Liverpool fans, but the recent news of WADA not lodging an appeal against UEFA’s decision to dismiss the proceeding is expected to end that division as the defender is now totally clear doping.



Now the decision of sending out Sakho on loan has created more confusion in minds of Liverpool fans.

Sakho is the best defender Liverpool has — fans might not agree with this statement, but no one can deny that he is Liverpool’s most experienced senior central half.

Sending him on loan has come late, just a few days before the transfer window deadline.  

Klopp is the boss, he can sell or loan out whoever he wants. But here he is saying that ‘increasing the fitness level’ and ‘regular playing time’ are the reasons behind the loan decision.


Questioning the merits of this decision   

Liverpool bought in two defenders Matip and Klavan from Bundesliga who are still unfamiliar with the Premier League.

Lovren and Sakho are the ones who have that league experience and yet Klopp wants the latter out.

How good an idea is it to send one of his most experienced center-backs and start the campaign with new central halves who are very new to the league itself?

A very bad idea, especially for a club like Liverpool, who have been struggling for many years to attain a top four finish.

If Lovren is injured, then you have two central halves at the back who are still acclimating to the league and that’s too risky for Liverpool.  

When was the last occasion a top club from the Premier League sends a senior, key figure out on loan for fitness and regular playing time? Is it impossible to help Sakho gain full fitness at Melwood?

And why would any Premier League club take an unfit Sakho on loan who is on hefty wages?

For a manager like Klopp, every player should be given an equal amount of opportunities to impress and cement their place in the squad.


A fighter

Sakho was out of favor during Brendan’s tenure, but he fought and got himself back to the fold.

He can do it again, as he has always vowed to fight for the place rather than demanding playing time.  He never complained when he was kept out of the squad by Brendan Rodgers.

What has stopped Klopp to tell Sakho to fight for the place as other CBs are up in the pecking order, if that’s the current scenario?

If Klopp has problems with Sakho or any other player who might be bad influence in the squad then the German can sell him, as he has full authority of doing so.


Who could be a suitable Sakho replacement?

Ilori’s future is uncertain, Gomez is just back from ACL, so can Liverpool afford to commence a tough PL campaign with just Matip, Lovren and Klavan?

What if one of them is injured? Is Lucas Leiva good enough to cover?

Either Jurgen Klopp is overrating his defensive department or underrating the importance of defense in the Premier League.

The German boss has declined the idea of buying a defensive midfielder, so there is even more of a need for the German boss to strengthen the defensive department to concede less goals.

And yet he is selling one of his most experienced defenders, if not his best at the moment, and buying no one to replace him.


Proven quality

One who still remembers his performance against Manchester United in the Europa League quarter-final knows the kind of quality he offers.

Yes, we can’t deny that he is easily upgradable but it would be foolish to let him go without buying a better replacement.

Liverpool have conceded more goals in past seasons than their rivals and Sakho’s exit with no replacement in the offing isn’t going to help Liverpool to concede less hindering their chances of a top four finish.


Questions that need to be answered quickly

Klopp should come up with real reasons in regards to the Sakho saga as hardly anyone believes that he is sending Sakho on loan to regain full fitness.

He is the boss and he should not afraid to speak up truth as at the end his decision matters. But his decision to Sakho out without revealing or seeking a replacement is questionable.

With six goals in three league matches conceded so far by the Reds, there is hardly a positive thing to take regarding the latest Sakho rumors.

Hardly any at all.


Written by Prabin Bikram

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