Why the Premier League title race is far from over for Liverpool

Pep Guardiola and his men have climbed back on top of the Premier League with a win against Bournemouth on Saturday (0:1), while Liverpool only managed to grab a point against their rivals; Everton in a scoreless match (0:0). With the Sky Blues back at their throne, the question of who will win the EPL arises once more.

What’s happening with Liverpool is something that goes through the minds of many football experts and their fans. What seemed a sure title for Liverpool after 29 long years turned into one of the tightest title races in the history of Premier League.

As it stands now, Liverpool are a point behind Manchester City after a disappointing run of four draws in their last six matches, while their opponents Manchester City continue being consistent with five straight wins behind them.

To put some salt on their wounds, Liverpool lost the top spot after failing to defeat their biggest rivals Everton on Sunday at Goodison Park. This draw has raised a lot of questions over whether Liverpool has a lot the silver lining in the race, just like it happened in 2014.

Here we can ask ourselves, have Liverpool lost their cool under the pressure of winning the league after almost 3 decades? Or did the weaknesses of the team surface?

The possibility of Liverpool “bottling it” is something that is hard to discuss, especially when it comes to one of the best teams in Europe. In fact, it’s kind of disrespectful to say the teams’ bad performances are the result of them failing to “keep it cool” and be mentally strong enough to push through till the end. But this just might be the case here.

Liverpool were 9 points ahead of Manchester City at one point, and now lost it all. On the other side, Manchester City did have their fair share of bad runs, but they kept it cool and pushed through, closed the gap of 9 points and are now even a point ahead of the Reds.

The other thing that might contribute to Liverpool descent is the lack of any potent striker. This was and is their biggest issue this season, and only now it has become obvious; Liverpool does not have a player who can constantly produce goals, which is why they tend to draw so many games. Yes, their defence is excellent, even the midfield is working well, but in front… there is just no one capable of doing his job efficiently and constantly.

What is the cause of their poor performances, is something no one can answer. It might be the nerves or it might be the absence of a striker. Maybe it’s both.

We have seen in numerous times. A team that had a chance to win the title and lost it all towards the end. Arsenal did it numerous times under Wenger, United lived through the same story under Fergie, even Liverpool was in this position before under Benitez.

It’s nothing unusual, however, when a possible title after 29 years is in question, the issue of losing the race or at least the possibility of Liverpool to lose the race will surely grab a lot of attention.

And lastly, the answer to the question; will Liverpool manage to climb back on top? I believe there are chances. They have done it before and they just might do it again. What they need is a morale-boosting win or two to get them back on track, and it’s a straight road from that point onward.

City on the other side won’t let their hard-earned lead go easily, but as we have seen before, they do have their fair share of “bumps in the road” when they underperform against teams that they should have won against.