Steven Gerrard: A Tribute to Liverpool’s Captain Fantastic

The schoolboy was a
star, in class and on
the field,
Playing sports when
he could – respect he
sure did yield.

He shone at what he
did and he also heard
the call:
‘This schoolboy would
be famous by playing
world-class football.’

A career of twenty
years – which he
relished every day,
Playing his favourite
sport – football in his
own way.

But who was this shy
schoolboy? Who was
talented by the score?
But his teachers just
ignored him – and even
showed him the door.

But his talent did attract
the scouts – of football
“This boy will one day
be a footballer, the
teachers, did dismiss!”

But as each new day
did pass – the boy grew
in style,
Leaving school playing
football – running mile
after mile.

The boy, Gerrard, would
be a football star,
He would play for mighty
Liverpool – he really would
go far.

He turned on his Liverpool
charm – and his playing
would fill the Kop’ stand,
And then he earned the
call-up – and he played
for mighty England.

Steven Gerrard is his
name – a superstar so
A genius at his football –
and of the Liverpool

He’d turn on the magic
when he was on the pitch,
Never doubting his ability,
never a single glitch!

Liverpool was his home
town – and football was
his game,
Steven Gerrard is our
hero – because we know
his name.

But now age has intervened,
and its time for Steven to
His body clock is ticking
faster – but he couldn’t
reach any higher!

Good luck to this schoolboy,
who’s name is now a BARD:
‘Enjoy you’re retirement,
and all the best – good luck
to; Steven Gerrard.

From Liverpool to England –
from the school of football
‘You’ll Never Walk Alone –
is the royal Liverpool’


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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