Kevin De Bruyne: Could the Belgian star be the final piece of the City puzzle?

Having watched Manchester City beat West Bromwich Albion in their first match of the Premier League season, it was clear that the Sky Blues could well be strong title contenders this year. They took apart West Brom enjoying 66% of possession and winning a comfortable 3 – 0.

They have now finally signed Kevin De Bruyne from Wolfsburg for a large sum of money. They have been linked with him through out the transfer window and the deal has finally been sealed.

The question is, do they need him? Well, based on their overall performances so far, no. However, of course, top teams always need strength in numbers and De Bruyne may just prove to be the final piece to a top attacking puzzle.


Need to improve in defence; attack looks strong

City need to improve in defence and are still a little week in defensive midfield, while they have three players in that position, Fabian Delph, Fernando and Fernandinho, it is debatable as to whether they are up to the task of taking on Europe’s elite, so it may be a place they need to bolster.

As for the attacking side of things, they have a very strong squad. There main question mark is Yaya Toure, on his day he is as good as anyone, but in a way that is the problem. Who can replace him if he is injured or not playing well? Well De Bruyne can, he may have to adapt his game but his attributes would be suited to it.

De Bruyne has not been purchased to play in that position though; he will likely join David Silva and Raheem Sterling in a front three behind Sergio Aguero. De Bruyne has experience playing across the midfield and could play through the middle or on the wings.


Versatile and his other qualities

He will give City lots of options to set up, as I mentioned, he could adapt to play from deep, or play higher up the pitch. With Jesus Navas and Samir Nasri available, City have options to bring on in a game and make an impact and with Sterling they have a makeshift third striker.

De Bruyne has great quality on the ball and loves to run at defences, he really is a top attacking player and his stats from last year showed that.


Main drawbacks

His main drawbacks are that he is expensive, probably too expensive, but, as with Sterling, City have the money so it is not an issue, the fact that he will be in the squad will mean their squad is stronger and that is all that will matter to them.

A worry is that some players flourish when they are the lead man of the team, like De Bruyne was for Wolfsburg. There is a chance his performances could dip as he plays second fiddle to David Silva.

Having said all that, the quality is there, the utility is there too and if he manages to settle in at City then they will be a force to be reckoned with this season.


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Written by Jonny Troy

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