Can Manchester City Continue Its Dominance in the Premier League?

Manchester City has become one of the powerhouses in English Premier League football, challenging the few teams that have dominated over the past 15 years.

Their emergence is mostly due to new owners led by Abu Dhabi billionaire Sheikh Mansour, who have dedicated large amounts of funding for players, coaches and training facilities where the team practices and where young players are developed.

Their investment and focus has been paying off lately and appears poised to create a powerhouse that will occupy one of the spots a top the Premiere League for years to come. But can Man City really stay at or near the top?

The 2017-2018 English Premier League season is in full swing and the story continues to be the dominance of Manchester City. With 26 of the 38 games played, the club has scored 26 wins, 1 defeat and 3 draws leaving them 16 points clear of city rival Manchester United and 19 points clear of Liverpool. In fact, they are the betting favorite at betolimp to win it all.

When the Sheikh Mansour group bought the club there was a focus on big name signings without the focus on putting a real team together. In fact, the first signing under the new management was Robinho – a £32m purchase from Real Madrid. This was done more to announce that Man City had arrived rather than because of the potential for Robinho to make a big impact on the club.  

The same can be said about the club’s interest in Brazilian superstar Kaka. But the old players and strategy have all gone now and things at the club have changed dramatically from those days. Today the club seems to be doing everything right and are the envy of the league.


Why has the team become so dominant?


The Right Manager

Many are saying that the dominance Man City is having this and over past several seasons is due to their coach Pep Guardiola.

After a shaky first year, he is overseeing one of the greatest years ever for a football club. Many say his calm unassuming demeanor who has brought a stable and confident atmosphere to the club.

It seems as if his sure-handed guidance has certainly played a big role in the club reaching the top tier of English football. Both he and the club have agreed to discuss a contract extension at the finish of the season.  


Young and Talented Players

Manchester City has a young team now many of the key players are under 25 and with have their best years ahead of them.

It starts with their goalie Ederson Moraes, who at 24 is having a career season in net. In midfield they have early favorite for player of the year, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, 23, is an all-league level player and their defenders are aged 21 and 23 and have been two of the best in the league this year.


Excellent Player Development

Manchester has outspent every other team on development facilities and finding young players wherever they are around the world. This aggressive attitude is bearing fruit and will for years to come.

Phil Foden, the hero of England’s under 17 World Cup win was developed at Man City and several other young players have been given first team run-outs this season.

With City sitting at the top of the Premier League standings and betolimp odds heavily favoring them, they are dreaming high. Their coach had this to say about their chances this year, “That ambition of winning the Champions League, that dream excites me every day, knowing we can do it. Expectations are high, ambitions are high. The dream of doing the treble, yes. I want to do the treble, or else let’s go for the quadruple! Why not?”

Manchester City is now a team that expects to win every years just like the other great English clubs, and it appears that have the assets to do just that.


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