Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City: The Myth Busters

He was told that it would be different.

He was warned that he should show great respect to the English Premier League (ironically by media outlets that are eager to squash other top European leagues).

He was reminded with such inflated self-regard and pomposity that ‘This is England’, that he won’t be able to replicate his past success of Germany and Spain in the ‘most competitive league’ in the world.

But, Pep Guardiola is smashing records left, right and center with his team at the pinnacle of the league table at Christmas.

Let’s take a look at the few impressive stats his team have recorded this season

The 13-point gap between City and United will be the biggest between first and second place on Christmas Day in the history of English top-flight football. (City Watch)

Manchester City has already won as many Premier League games this season (18 of 19) as Manchester United did in the whole of 2016-17 (18 of 38). (Opta Joe)

100 – Manchester City has become the first English team to score 100 top-flight league goals in a calendar year since Liverpool in 1982 (106). (Opta Joe)

The 17 game winning streak Man City are currently on is the biggest in the history of the Premier League. It’s also only 2 wins shy of Bayern Munich’s record of 19 consecutive wins, which of course was accomplished under Guardiola.

What is more impressive than the numbers is how Pep managed to accomplish all of this playing attacking, expansive football that is unmatched by any team who played in the Premier League era.

And don’t think for a second Perfectionist Pep will take it down a notch. Following the 4-0 win against Bournemouth, he was asked how his team can improve and he has this to say: “Attack more fluently, more chances, it is not easy when the opponents stay back.”

*insert the famous ‘Stop it! He’s already dead’ meme from The Simpsons here*

Even now there are skeptics who are lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce and undermine Man City’s achievements.

They will tell you Man City aren’t great until they win a trophy, Arsenal’s ’Invincibles’ are different gravy, Sir Alex’s 2007/08 team is far better etc… Comparisons are usually not fair and objective. People can prefer a certain style of play and would rather want to see a certain great team than the other.

But, even the Sceptics and nay Sayers can’t deny how aesthetically pleasing the City are to watch.

At the end of May Guardiola’s side can break the Premier league’s goal and point tally alongside the unbeaten season Arsene Wenger’s side achieved in 2004. Beyond that, he is proving that the Premier League is not really the mystical mission impossible league some made to be for so long.

If you want myths to be broken who do you call? That’s right, Pep Guardiola!


Written by Brook Genene

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