Feature: How Exactly Do The Football Trials Work?

Interested in football trials?  Fancy yourself as the next Luis Suarez, Robin Van Persie or even Mesut Ozil? Then you need to get yourself on the football trials as soon as you can.


How do they work?

The first thing you need to do is to register.  This is free and once you are registered you will have access to a whole world of information.  The idea is to get you focused and as prepared as you can possibly be.  They can be highly competitive things, football trials, so the more prepared and ready you are the better chance you will have.

Once you are registered we will give you £50 worth of free information.  This includes what you should be eating, drinking and what exactly the football scouts will be looking for. Inside information.

The scouts and coaches come to the trials to hunt out the best talent around.  They have the chance to pick from the cream of the crop, so the more information you have surrounding what they look for, the better.

Other information includes drills that you should be working on, skills you should be practicing and examples of success stories.  Clear and up front information is the only way you will know if the football trials are the right thing for you.

This is your opportunity to really shine.  But, if you pick up the information and feel that now is not the right time then it is best that you hold back and keep practicing until you feel ready.

There could be a coach or scout out there who sees such potential in you that your life is changed forever.  Are you ready for that?  Are you prepared?  It is your chance to shine so you need to know that you have exactly what it takes to put your football skills to the test.


10 to 14 assessment

The trial consists of an assessment.  For those aged 10 to 14 it will last around two hours.  You will have the chance to work with a coach who will really put you to the test.  You will also have a 75 minute assessment by a world class UEFA licenced coach.

There will be a grading system against a 10 point criteria and feedback will be provided so you can see the areas that you need to improve.

Finally, 45 minutes of small sided matches will take place where the pro club scouts can really see you at work.  Show ‘em what you’ve got.


15+ assessment

For those aged 15 or over you will have a longer session with the UEFA licenced coach and will also undergo a pro club session including a dynamic warm up and a visual assessment from the scouts.  Pro club testing that assesses your speed and agility will also be required.

Overall you will be provided with plenty of information, guidance and assistant on how you can improve your strength, skills, agility and core stability.

Seven days after your last trial you will receive an email to let you know whether or not you have been selected. If you have you will be assigned an agent.  Remember, your dream.  Isn’t it time you made your dream a reality?


Written by Harry Price – an avid football fan… When he’s not watching football, he’s spending time with dogs, wife, and son.

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