FIFA 17: Eight New Ideas and Features that the Fans desire

In the previous year, EA added new features like FUT Draft and Women’s Football in FIFA 16 which were just ideas and after-thoughts. Today, we will feature some of ideas that we desperately want in FIFA 17.

Some want award ceremonies while some have wild idea of intelligent commentaries. Let’s discuss some of them.


1. Career mode online: It has been suggested by many players that EA should enable Online Career Mode like 2k Sports has done with NBA2k17 and WWE2k17. It would be an amazing addition to the game if we could test our team or pros online with strangers or friends.


2. New transfer features: Real life transfer features like Buy-Out Clauses, Buy-Back Clauses, Turning Down contract as the team will not play Champions League next year, swapping players, extending loan and many more should be introduced in FIFA 17.


3. Advanced/ Intelligent AI: The previous version of FIFA game was pretty good considering the offline mode, but we would love to see some improvement to the AI. It would be amazing if EA could add AI that could learn and change the game plan by looking at the gamers’ gameplay.


4. Real Manager Faces: EA already has all the faces for the players, why not add the managers too? It would be something spectacular if we could see Klopp shouting and screaming.


5. Ballon D’Or Award: An award ceremony that will declare Player of the Year for both woman and men is a demanding addition. World XI and Best Goal of the Year awards will cerrtainly improve excitement.


6. Smart Commentators: We are pretty bored of listening to the same commentator repeating similar phrases over and over. Downloading latest news and stats from the internet and adding them to commentaries would certainly improve the gameplay.


7. Players and Managers Interviews: Pre-match and Post-match interviews would really make FIFA 17 more authentic. Players and Managers reactions after the game and Man of the Match awards given to the best player would certainly be something most fans are looking forward to seeing.


8. More Women’s Football: There are many female players playing the game after the introduction of women’s football in the game last year. They are looking forward to Women’s Club and Career modes in FIFA 17.


What are your ideas that you want to see in FIFA 17? Leave a comment below.


Written by Charchit Dahal

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