The FIFA 17 Wishlist: The Features that FIFA Gamers wish to see

There is still months before FIFA 17 is released, however there is a growing hype about the next FIFA installation. There are many online communities and gaming forums talking about the upcoming new sensation. People are not satisfied with the current version and want new features in the next game.

A member in EA Forums writes:

“FIFA 17 is expected to fix major bugs and glitches of the game as FIFA 16 has already fixed existing problems expect for the server. Hope they fix the server problem of in the next game.”

There are many wishes and requests that the current players of the game want. Let’s review some of them.


1. New Leagues

FIFA is a global franchise. Gamers all over the world play the game making it the one of the most popular game series ever. Therefore, adding new leagues to the game will make it even more popular. FIFA until the current version, FIFA 16 only focuses on clubs/leagues from Europe.

It would be an amazing improvement to the game if big leagues from Asia, North America and Latin America could be added.


2. Adding the Champions League

The biggest Competition of Europe and it’s not in the game yet. FIFA games have Euro League instead of Champions League, which is way less authentic. PES has had rights from UEFA for using the name and logo of the official Champions League, but it would improve the game especially the career more if EA manages to take hold of those rights and add it in the next FIFA game.


3.   Create a manager

While playing manager mode in FIFA career mode, until now, we can only edit the appearance of the manger. We should be able to create a manager like we are able to create a player. Adding a gameface for the manager is also a great idea.


4.  Upgrading the stadium

In the manager mode, there should be an option to upgrade the current stadium. New/ larger stadiums will increase the transfer budget of the team. It will make the road to glory for small league teams more entertaining.


 5.  Adding Classic Teams

There is a Classic XI in the Kick Off Mode but that’s not what we mean. We want classic/legends teams of current teams. For example, Manchester United’s treble-winning class of 99  or the England’s World Cup-winning side.


 6.  Change/Update kit

In real life, the kit changes after every season. However, this option is not available in the FIFA game. Creating a new kit or downloading the current kit should be an option for the game.


7.    Additional Animations

New animations like crowd booing, manager’s reaction of goal or miss, realistic fights, diving and realistic injuries and treatment should be added to the game to make it more realistic.


8.   Club Loyalty

Outrageous transfers like Messi to Real Madrid or Ronaldo to QPR should not be allowed. There should be an option for club loyalty. It would make career mode more interesting.  Adding buy-out clauses is also an idea.


9. New competitions

The Manager or Player Modes should have new competitions added like the Gold Cup, AFCON, Asian Cup and even the Olympics. It would be amazing if we could play these tournament online on FUT or online sessions.


10.  Award Ceremonies

Top players would be nominated for Player of the Year or Goal of the Year. There should be a preview of the award ceremony in FIFA 17, which would build suspense for who will win the award. It will drastically improve the game’s drama feature.


My wishlists for FUT and Career Mode will be posted soon. Keep in touch. What new features do you want in FIFA 17? Comment Below.


Written by Charchit Dahal

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