Football Poem: A Tribute to both Sir Charlton and Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has equalled
a record, and made football
He equalled his England goal
scoring – to add to his own
This record was previously
held by Sir Bobby Charlton,
And what did seem to Rooney,
it must have been a marathon!

Both of these players have
links to Manchester United,
And both of these super
players – their goals were so
The brilliant Sir Bobby Charlton,
he played for a super team,
The players of years gone by –
they really were a dream.

But Manchester United have
struggled so of late,
Was the goal by Wayne Rooney –
seen as football fate?
Rooney is a different player –
that is evident –
Bobby Charlton was world class –
he really was a gent!

The players of today – no matter
what their team,
Playing in the England football
team – is their biggest dream.
Back in the 1970s – and the 1980s,
footballers never wore gloves,
Except for the goalkeeper – they
really took the shoves!

Wayne Rooney is the highest
goal scorer – that is now the
But being the all time England’s
best player – Sir Bobby Charlton
was real ace!
Sir Bobby has one achievement –
which Wayne Rooney will never
Sir Bobby Charlton won the world
cup – and he has this title forever.

But, well done anyway – to the
footballer Wayne Rooney,
He hangs on in there – and collects
his loadsa money!!!!
I think the world cup will always
evade the England team,
But, congratulations to Wayne
Rooney; ‘you’ve achieved your
perfect dream.’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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