Football Poem: Welcome to the Captivating World of English Football

Welcome to the Premier
League – it is a world
A league were all the
soccer players – get
very high pay.
The Arsenal, and the
Chelsea – Spurs and
West Ham –
Are all in the city of
London – near the

Then there’s Manchester
City – competing with
Manchester United,
These two play a mean
old game – and are now
so well divided.
Little Blackpool were in
a dream – and played the
top notch teams,
But, sadly, they got
relegated – the end of
all their dreams!

Fleetwood Town and
Accrington too – they
both played like silk,
Especially little Accrington –
by drinking plenty of
Fleetwood will play
Blackpool – in Division
One –
Who will win this derby
match – and be the
prodigal son?

It isn’t just about the
big boys – who are in
the top flight clubs,
But winning lots of
games you play –
depends on your good
The managers are there –
and they talk, shout
and scream,
Winning every game
they play – is their only

So, here we go again, to
a brand new soccer
All the football clubs are
there – and all have very
good reason.
The Premier League, the
Championship – there’s
Division One, too,
If any of them keep losing
games – they’ll end up in
Division Two!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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