Football Poem: Welcome to our team, the first gay male footballer

The football world is now
changing – something is
being revealed,
Something which will
make history – both on
and off the field.

For decades it has been
known – but no one dare
come out –
For fear of persecution –
and everyone would

The world of male football –
will change now, and for
True feelings are coming
out – we are now all

“What am I talking about,
you ask me so politely?
The element of change,
my friends – for a whole
new sexuality.”

The men’s sport will now
feature – the first ever
gay man,
This will change the way
we play – accept it? Yes,
we can!

The first gay footballer –
is making history,
No more hiding away –
coming out to be free.

Welcome to the 21st
century – and we all
welcome this change
to be.
There’s nothing wrong
with a gay footballer –
we welcome you with

The team accepts this
news – and smiles at
the star,
“Don’t you worry, we
welcome you – now
you will go far.”

More teams will follow
suit – as more players
come out as gay,
There’s nothing to be
ashamed of – we love
you either way?

Everyone is happy – as
the gay footballer is now
And when the full time
whistle blows – we can
enjoy a nice cold beer!!!!

All the bigotry is in the
past – and that is history,
For every footballer is
so equal – and that is
plain to see.

Hallelujha, I know this
now – and every man
is equal –
From footballers – to
the referee – the game
is now on schedule.

Everyone’s the same –
no one is any different,
Now we play our football –
and enjoy the crowd

Congratulations is for
sure – as barriers are
broke down.
From gay men – to
straight men – we all
wear one crown.

The world has now
made history – and
we salute it every year.
Please welcome to our
football team – the
‘first gay football player.’e


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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