Football Poem: A World Class Player…A Premier League Star

The Premier League, is
the league so great,
The stars come out –
with ball at feet,
Classy players, is what
they are,
Some will play a fine

Running round the pitch
they do,
Never standing in any
Playing tricks with a
football now,
Now they go for their

They are first class – that
is true,
Playing for the privileged
Sounds of; ‘GOAL!’ Come
to light,
It really is, a pure delight.

Please pass the ball to
me I ask?
I’ve got my lunch – and
my flask,
Even now the team do
And some of us – will
now pray.

Where’s my shorts, they
have got lost?
I need them now – I
blame Jack Frost!
It’s freezing cold – I’m
not impressed,
The football game – is
now addressed.

We are all united – that’s
for sure,
Winning more – we all
Kissing is a joy to see,
Then come and sit –
upon my knee!!!!

We are now ready, for
the match,
The World Cup Final –
where’s the catch?
We’re very proud – and
glory be,
Now we play – on live

All the teams are there
to see,
Entry now, for you is FREE.
The excitement grows,
here we go –
Come along to a soccer

The world does watch,
as we all now play,
Hoping for a good display.
Italian players – and Spanish
too –
They’re the best – of the
chosen few.

Come along and meet
your host,
The delightful team of
the O-Post.
Goal by goal – they will
bring you –
All the transfers – are
in the queue.

Settle down and rejoice
with me –
To watch the skills of
those you see,
The Premier League – is
the league,
Full of stars – and all

Here we go it’s time
to play,
Watching now – it’s a-okay.
Forever soccer – is what
we are,
A world class player –
a Premier League Star.


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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