Football Poem: The World Cup could be an Alien Nation

The World Cup is a trophy
that every player wants to
Even if it means kicking a
player – right on his already
bruised shin!
It is a trophy of solid Gold –
and is loved by every player,
Every four years it arrives –
the football world’s in top

Many nations do compete –
the prize awaits the best.
Playing in the groups they
do – the ultimate playing
From all around the globe –
country’s do compete,
All the world class players –
running on their feet.

From South America – to
Europe too – and even in
another galaxy,
The world cup finals are
watched in space – by an
alien large society!
Yes, my friends, Star Trek
is out there – they love the
U.S. soccer –
Together they watch in outer
space – it couldn’t get any

The world cup is a dream –
as the martians do enjoy;
‘They play the game of
football – like it is a toy!’
Even the Champions League –
is known in outer space,
The martians are so very
skillful – they admire the
human race.

The space is in total darkness,
but there’s a match being
played tonight,
Is it the martian’ World Cup –
or a “Trick or Treat” delight?
Our game of football is now
known – even in deepest
‘The martians enjoy our world
cup – as we play with so much

So, as the world teams do
battle – for a prize of glory,
Is the space game so surreal –
or just another story?
The World Cup and the
Champions League – are all
prestige’ sporting competitions,
Even if we’re being watched –
by martian’s from an alien-
being’ space galaxy nations!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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