Wayne Rooney: Why an Everton return would reinvigorate the fallen legend

I don’t like to chuck the word legend around when it comes to football players but Wayne Rooney? Legend. But it feels like everyone seems to be forgetting this.

Now big personalities like Pogba and Ibrahimovic have joined it seems to be drowning the importance of the original players i.e. Rooney and Carrick with all the nonsense on social media.


Questionable positioning

Furthermore, since the purchase of Pogba, United’s identity has been well and truly lost. I haven’t seen a Man United side this poor since in my lifetime.

Identity? Lost. Passion? Lost. Mourinho’s fault? At the moment, I would say so.

I’ve been watching football for a long time but there is one thing that has been baffling me about both Manchester United and England these past few years.

Rooney is not Busquets. Rooney is not Modric nor is he Kroos, nor is he Mata. Rooney is a striker.

He should be on the last man, poaching goals like he has been his whole career. I don’t know who has told him or the manager or the coaches at both United and England that he should be playing deeper, but it doesn’t work.

I can’t even blame the United fans for booing him because he’s not playing well but please don’t ruin the legacy of our nation’s top goalscorer.

I saw a TV programme the other week titled ‘Gerrard’s slip’. Gerrard’s slip that lost them the title a couple years ago when they came 2nd to Man city.

Probably one of England’s best midfielders of all time and you’re trying to embarrass him like this? Think about it, when Rooney retires what then? Programmes titled ‘Rooney’s decline 15/16’?


Everton swap

This is why I believe a move back to Everton would seriously reinvigorate Rooney’s career and go back to where you started because there isn’t much love when coming from the Old Trafford faithful right now.

Also clearly, Everton manager, Koeman thinks Lukaku is too good for Everton, which is an outrageous statement to make mid season in itself, therefore a move both ways would make sense.

I don’t think Lukaku wants to be there, he knows he’s bigger than the club.

The fans will love to see probably one of the best strikers in their history back scoring goals where it all started and it would give the whole of a Goodison park a lift which they’ve needed since about 1902.


Good move for Lukaku

I also see this as a good move for Lukaku because I don’t think anyone knows how good Lukaku.

I see him sometimes and his first touch is diabolical and then I see him the next week and he scores a perfect hat-trick.

Every football fan would love to see him at a big club again after he wasn’t given a chance at Chelsea.

Unfortunately for Mourinho, he did ship the striker off however like Kevin De Bruyne, they loaned a young player out and they start to gain confidence and could come back even stronger which could be a very big possibility for Lukaku.


Written by Toyin Osibowale

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