Why Solskjaer has begun his recruitment reboot at United early

He arrived in January to clear up the problems left by Jose Mourinho and hit the ground running taking the once-flagging team back into Champions League placing reaching distance.

Now the dust has settled it is looking unlike that United can pull a top-four finish in the Premier League but there is little doubt that Solskjaer has been good for the team, and management seems to agree having given him the permanent contract he was hoping for before the season ended. As Freetips.com reports, he now has plans dubbed a recruitment reboot.

Strangely Jose Mourinho was not trusted with recruitment decisions but instead had to leave the final say to the recruitment department. Apparently, the goalposts have shifted for Solskjaer who it appears has no such restricts on his decision making. In an interview, he spoke confidently about the process.

“I’ll have the final say if a player comes in or goes out. And we’ve got regular meetings. I’m happy with the way it’s going, and we’re supposed to sign 250 players because you’re all writing about players we should sign, so hopefully, we can get players in you have written about as well. So you never know. In the long-term planning, we have to think about [the Champions League]. We might be in the Champions League next year, we might not be, and you’d be surprised how many agents have been touting their players.  Not touting, that’s not the best word, is it? Telling us their players, their clients would love to be a part of Man United in the future. And that’s just the lure of Man United, they know, the potential and size of the club, they know in the end that we will get back to the good days.”

It has not been the best run for the club over the last few seasons, and he is determined to get them back to the top of the table, a position he enjoyed with them in his playing days. He recovered some of the damage that went before him, but although the team were briefly in fourth and technically remain in reach of a top-four finish, it is unlikely they will now finish anywhere other than sixth. But he is confident that the reputation of the club is intact and players from all over the world have ambition to play at Old Trafford so he will have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting his team.

“We’re having a tough time at the moment, in the last few seasons, we’ve not gone up to the standards we expect, but it’s up to me and the club to change it as quickly as possible if it’s a season without Champions League, who knows. But players still want to come to Man United, and you wouldn’t be surprised by the names that you get asked.”

When it comes to the current team, he had this to say “You learn about them every single day. You get positive and negative surprises all the time, so of course, every day here is a chance to be part of the rebuild of Man United.”