Premier League: Arsenal and Manchester City, odds-on title favorites

The English Premier League is the top organization in England for men’s professional football.

While the season is long, it is about a fourth over with fans around the world all abuzz about which team will advance to the championship.

In order to enhance their viewing experience, many fans also place sports bets on the competition.


Low odds on Leicester

Last year’s champion was Leicester City. However, the team’s odds of a second consecutive championship are quite low.

Many fans aren’t too surprised as their victory last season was a long shot. Pulling off another Premier League title isn’t likely.

While many expect other clubs to draw members of the team, the Foxes actually kept their top talent on the roster. Arsenal tried to sign leading scorer, Jamie Vardy, but he chose to remain with Leicester.


Title favorites

Manchester City and Arsenal currently appear to be the favorites to win the title. Currently, both are first and second respectively in the standings.  

Last year, they finished with Manchester in second and Arsenal in third.  

Manchester’s manager, Pep Guardiola has a winning past, taking six league championships in seven seasons with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Many wonder if he will do the same with this Manchester City team.


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