Harry Kane: England’s most important player

When he was struggling out on loan a few years ago, anyone who claimed Harry Kane would become one of the world’s best strikers would have been laughed at for approximately a week.

Kane is ‘one of’ the best in the world at the moment. Whether he is the best or not is neither here nor there, but it will fuel many a debate in the pub and across the Twittersphere.


Goalscoring heroics

Spurs’ recent elevation to the top four has been on the back of Kane’s goal scoring heroics.

His shoot-on-sight approach, his link-up play and his timely strikes have made him a force of footballing nature.

Gonzalo Higuain, Edinson Cavani and Robert Lewandowski might have a qualm or two with calling him the best of the lot, but few come close to Kane as a ‘pure’ centre forward at the moment.

The thing is, Kane is playing for England.

An England team losing fans at a rapid rate, and an England team without the grotesque hype that usually looms over any upcoming tournament. Kane is accompanied by his Spurs teammate Dele Alli in the forward line, along with the electric duo of Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford.


Match winner

England have a frontline up there with the best of the lot. In Kane, they have a striker who will win them matches alone.

The same way that when any team faces Poland they are fearful of Lewandowski, regardless of his accomplices, England will be thought of in the same way. England’s supporting cast, however, should be more effective than Poland’s.


Form key to England’s World Cup goals

A top quality goal scorer can transform any team. Luis Suarez did it for Liverpool, Alan Shearer did it throughout his career, and Kane can do it for England in the same way he has done for Tottenham.

If Kane can hit the form of September 2017 in summer 2018, England will be a very realistic contender for the World Cup.


Written by Sam Cox

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